Latest analytical software has lent advanced algorithms for Human Resource Management Systems and specifically to modules related to recruitment software, thereby giving it a qualitative edge, and minimizing chances of human error.  With the number of aspirants for a job increasing manifold, and the ability of aspirants straddling the extremes of mediocre and highly qualified, the task has become all the more difficult and demanding.

Intuitive not fortuitous

The latest recruitment management software eliminates the need for repeated data entry by humans, thereby eliminating chances of errors. The software imports/captures data from sites, and from social media to build up a database. Similarly, data can be imported from websites of third parties who offer the resumes of prospective candidates. All the data that is captured will then be validated for duplicates.

Grading & Comparison in head hunting

After elimination of duplicates begins the process of comparison. A grading system is adopted for educational qualifications, technical experience etc., The modules are intuitive and work on parameters that are able to assess the suitability of a candidate based for particular job profile. Leaving out only the intangibles and a personality assessment by qualified recruiters or human resources managers, the recruitment software does all the preliminary assessment and gives a list of the eligible candidates. The list comprising details of the eligible candidates are graded from most suitable to least. This option gives the recruiter the luxury of contacting the creamy layer and gradually move down the ladder, in the event of non-availability of a suitable candidate.

Processes & firm offer

Once the decision has been taken to contact the aspirants, the recruitment management software mails the concerned entities, which would include the candidates and the interviewers etc., to schedule an appointment. After the interview is conducted, the decision to hire or search further will be taken. This will help to cut costs and bring onboard the best talent at the right price. The metrics of this method ensures that the recruiter has a lot of information on his fingertips such as the present drawn salary, and expected salary of the aspirants. This helps him to avoid taking a decision in a hurry and choose the right candidate.

Retaining in age of high attrition

The resources are useful for not just hiring a candidate, but also to ensure that the chances of the suitable candidate continuing in the organization are very high. But cutting down on attrition, companies will be able to work as a team and find cohesion. A company with a happy set of employees means better productivity and better growth prospects. Concern for the company and vice versa will only occur when there is all round satisfaction.

Retaining good talent within a company is a tall order. With competition in all sectors and new entrants willing to dole out extra pay to absorb good talent, it is difficult to check attrition. More and more employees are getting lured with the prospects of better pay and perks.  Prospects of growth are dangled in front of employees who are willing to take a risk, a leap of faith based on their abilities. Those who possess mediocre qualities stay back without opting for a change.


Most often the recruitment process takes up a lot of HR team’s time which can be spent on other more productive tasks. In such scenario the use of recruitment management software appears to be the most viable option since it can be used to automate many of the recruitment activities and streamline the whole process.

Our aim here will be to look at some of the primary benefits organizations can have by using such software.

Benefits of Recruitment Software for HR Team: 

  • Improved sourcing of candidates
  • Reduction in time it takes to hire new employees
  • Make significant cost savings
  • Improve communication
  • Allow proper analysis of efforts and results achieved
  1. Sourcing Candidates:

Recruitment Management Software makes it possible to collect Resumes from varied sources and get in touch with candidates a lot more quickly than possible otherwise.

You can also use filters to look for candidates on the basis of your organizational needs and get a list of only the most qualified candidates.

  1. Reduced Hiring Time:

Recruitment Management System can also reduce time spent on communication with prospective candidates during the screening as well as selection process.

Such systems automatically delivers candidate profiles into HR’s mailbox and also view details of candidates who have shown interested in the post.

  1. Cost Cutting:

Considerable savings can be achieved by using such recruitment systems since everything from collection of applications to their storage and retrieval is done electronically.

Time saved in the recruitment process means HR team can work on other productive activities and help in improving performance of the organization as a whole.

  1. Better Communication:

Using such software organization can establish better communication channel with prospective candidates. It also becomes possible to create a talent pool to be used for future recruitment needs.

  1. Proper Analysis of Efforts and Results Achieved: Detailed reports make it possible for management to analyze spend on hiring process, time it takes to select new candidates and recruit them. Such details helps in further increasing efficiency of hiring process and improve it further.

Recruitment management software is commonly known as the e-recruitment or online recruitment system, is a multi-featured software apparatus intended to computerize and encourage the procedures such as discovering, attracting, evaluating, interviewing and contracting new work force.

Recruitment management software is generally utilized as a part of a corporate organization, colleges and beneficent associations. These software’s are purely web based portals and directly coordinated with an association’s site.

Some of the characteristics of e-recruitment systems are:

  • An easy to use management interface.
  • The ability to naturally post work postings to the corporate web page and online employment banks.
  • Online application software that upholds information in a legitimate configuration for recovery of important information.
  • The capacity to find suitable candidates and resumes for comparable information recovery.
  • Information warehousing.
  • Examination programming to evaluate and rank candidates.
  • Candidate and employment tracking.
  • Planning the software.
  • Contract generation software.
  • Incorporation with the association’s HR administration and human capital administration frameworks.
  • Report generation tool.

Some of the pros of using the online Recruitment Software are listed below:

    • Streamline the Hiring Process

      It manages the whole enrollment cycle from demands to screening, choice, offer acknowledgement lastly, joining, with a solitary programming. Introduce best practices and set up all around characterized procedures to plan for the following level of development. Characterize hiring process and let the online recruitment management software creates a schedule for all the capable clients. They should do nothing more than finish errands they are responsible for.

    • Get a Centralized Database

      Make an effortlessly searchable concentrated database to influence it further bolstering your business good fortune. Take out spreadsheets, records and organizers to store and recover key hopeful data. Import assets from different sources, for example, your Inbox, Desktop, site pages or occupation entries.

    • Expand Recruiter Productivity

      Free up your enrollment specialists’ opportunity with the goal that they can concentrate on fresher approaches to draw in top ability, quicker. A large portion of the candidate following framework think of profitability instruments, for example, mass mail, resume parser, computerized schedule, shared timetable, critical updates, applicant dismissal mail, report scheduler and some more.

    • Increase Complete Visibility and Control

      Dissect what’s working and what’s not in your enlistment process with the assistance of moment reports. Produce gives an account of a day by day, week after week or month to month premise to know the status of every position regarding every last enrollment specialist.

Get a reasonable photo of the enrollment pipeline at all purposes of time. Hopeful Tracking programming applications give you a constant perspective of open positions, opportunities, pending supports for orders, applicants in handling and pending offers.

  • Reduce Cost

    Computerizing your enrollment handle likewise diminishes reliance on employment gateways and sellers which decreases costs significantly.

  • Easy to collaborate

    Work agreeably on a single stage. Your enrollment specialists no more need to catch up with administrators and approvers. Your enrollment administration software makes it less demanding for every one of the partners to finish their errands speedier.

Some points to remember before using the online Recruitment Software

Pick an enlistment software which will fill your need right to understand every one of its advantages. While you are purchasing it, do take a look at the following points:

  • Model of sending: SaaS or On-reason
  • Kind of arrangement: Web-based or Web-empowered
  • Aggregate Cost of Ownership: License per server or expense per client
  • Rate of return
  • Cash Back Guarantee