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The Future of HCM for Retail-QSR

The retail marketplace is becoming more and more crowded every single day, resulting in decreasing margins and increasing competition. Along with that, customer expectations are continuously evolving forcing retailers to craft exceptional experiences or risk becoming extinct. ZingHR all-in-one retail workforce management software helps businesses save time and money with powerful, easy-to-use automated tools for scheduling, time & attendance, compliance, payroll and more.

ZingHR’s HCM software empowers retail HRs with the right tools they need to successfully navigate these challenges. It enables organizations to digitally enhance employee experience to deliver better customer experience and earn loyalty.

Broader Business Challenges For Retail

  • Improving Business Metrics
  • Real-Time Employee Cost
  • Customer Engagement
  • Dynamic Shift Management & Rostering
  • Break shift
  • Transfers
  • Leave Adherence
  • Enforce Punch In/ Punch Out
  • Onboarding: Time to Hire, Cost to Hire
  • Compliance, Completeness of Employee Master Background Verification, Assessments
  • Adherence to local compliance, Minimum wages


ZingHR practical Solutions

  • Zero Touch Payroll
  • Micro Learning
  • Mobile App: Rostering, Transfer
  • Face/QR, Separation
  • Rewards & Recognition, Mood
    Surveys, Bots, eSeparation
  • Digital Onboarding, Multilingual
  • Integrations with 3rd  party providers
  • Owns Statutory updates

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