Employee Satisfaction


Reduction In Retention Cost


Data Unification


Jump in People Productivity

Adopt and optimize tech usage to acquire, manage, adapt and retain key talent at a reduced cost.

Hiring and upskilling

HR has to focus on hiring extraordinary talent at an accelerated pace. Front-line and corporate employees in retail need immediate upskilling.  HR has to build the capability of store supervisors that can then benefit in motivating their teams. Limited professional retail courses pose a challenge for HR to equip the workforce based in multiple locations

Reducing Cost overheads

Retailers need to drive sales while reducing cost overheads. Retain, reward and engage future-ready talent to reduce attrition.  Optimizing manpower and enhancing employee productivity. Eliminate internal efficiencies. Training requires heavy investment. HR has to find more cost-effective and feasible ways to train employees

Engaging talent

Unattractive working hours and a stressful work culture result in high attrition and low engagement levels, hence HR needs to engage, reward and compensate talent wisely. In an industry where new employees are being on board every day, HR has to ensure alignment in culture, vision, and values. HR must create a career path for employees to build a better employer brand.

The Future of HCM for Retail

The retail marketplace is becoming more and more crowded every single day, resulting in decreasing margins and increasing competition. Along with that, customer expectations are continuously evolving forcing retailers to craft exceptional experiences or risk becoming extinct. ZingHR’s HCM software empowers retail HRs with the right tools they need to successfully navigate these challenges. It enables organizations to digitally enhance employee experience to deliver better customer experience and earn loyalty.

Updated and verified employee data

Improved productivity and efficiency

Reduction in sourcing, churn and retention