Top 6 Recruitment Trends Driving Growth and Change in 2022


Talent acquisition trends in the new-age digital era has a lot to offer in terms of flexible work environments, future-ready recruitment models and accelerated employee performance. Essentially, having the right blend of technologies supported by human expertise can pave the way for business excellence, right from the get-go.  

Primarily, the goal to integrate future-proof hiring solutions is to offer a streamlined employee experience. From sourcing the right candidate to onboarding them successfully, recruitment strategies have to be designed in such a way that the process experience is not compromised.  

It comes as no surprise that the last two years have been eventful. Transitioning into the post-pandemic era, especially on the business front, has been challenging. However, on the bright side, employees are looking forward to working in flexible environments that inspire them to strive for excellence in their own way. A recent report proves that although there has been some resistance, 54% of recruiters see this as an opportunity to leverage technologies for efficient hiring outcomes.  

Therefore, in order to retain the right talent and offer them tools to perform better, it is vital that enterprises invest in the potential of future-ready recruitment strategies.  

Here are top 6 recruitment trends in 2022 that you as a business should be prepared for:  

Remote Work is Driving the Future of Business 

With digital technologies paving the way for alternate working opportunities, remote work is the new norm. For instance, the performance and productivity of a distributed workforce can be tracked in real-time using AI-powered HCM technologies. On the other hand, digital onboarding solutions can help enterprises simplify the recruitment process by offering in-house solutions that can improve the candidate experience.  

Employee-Driven Recruitment 

Irrespective of the nature of your business or product, it is vital that you tailor a recruitment process that caters to the needs of prospective candidates. In other words, the next hiring trend in 2022 is all about making recruitment employee-driven.  

According to a recent report by Randstad, 48% of employees prefer opting out of a job if it prevents them from enjoying what they do. Therefore, as HR leaders, it is important to design hiring strategies that involve employees as an inherent part of core organisational values. Also, creating a work environment where employees feel comfortable and inspired with what they do is an excellent way to promote a branding strategy.  

To start with, include offers and benefits in terms of flexible training schedules and ensure candidates are a part of your corporate culture.  

Diversity and Inclusion – Think Different, Think Transformation 

Diversity and Inclusion is by far the most important aspect in devising a hiring framework within the organisation. Recruiting a perfect mix of men and women from diverse ethnic backgrounds is a great way to promote peer-to-peer engagement and pave the way for innovation through diverse ideas.  

While there is no end-game for the Great-Resignation, recruiters must promote a flexible work environment, which can help a diverse workforce share ideas, work and learn at their own pace. Therefore, with an unbiased approach towards offers opportunities, growth in terms of individual performance and organisational growth is inevitable.  

Leveraging Recruitment in the Metaverse 

Essentially, the metaverse encompasses leveraging the potential of virtual reality in order to offer digital experiences. Living in an era governed by cloud-based technologies that offer real-time and accurate results, organisations must optimize independent HR functions to offer a unique hiring experience.  

In the metaverse, recruiters can implement future-ready technologies to conduct interviews remotely and what’s more, create avatars so potential candidates can interact with fellow team members for an immersive experience. With a perfect combination of virtual, augmented and physical reality, recruitment on the metaverse can pave the way for innovation to transform businesses like never before.  

Active Hiring Processes 

Human capital is by far the most crucial resource regardless the nature of any enterprise. There are several ways to recruit the right candidate. However, it is all about the willingness of the enterprise to go after the candidate. Are you willing to just publish advertisements and run social media campaigns about job openings, and sit back until the candidate gets back, or do you want to take a proactive approach? 

In the case of active hiring, companies employ a forward-thinking approach and go in search for the best candidate. Whether the candidate is a working professional or a graduate, active recruitment involves approaching the candidate irrespective of his/her current situation. However, enterprises must take care of these 4 aspects before considering a candidate through an active hiring process:  

  1. Create a framework to identify the right candidate 
  1. Research on candidate interests outside of work. Consider his dreams/passions before making any decision 
  1. Personalized communication is a win-win situation 
  1. Physically present yourself by representing your organisation through channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  

Invest in Referral Program Initiatives 

The list for aspiring candidates looking for inspiring jobs is definitely a long one. Every year, students graduating successfully using essay typer and then on the hunt for a job that can shape their career. However, because of peer pressure, there are high chances that people can unknowingly choose a job that temporarily matches their interests. 

Here is where brand loyalty and credibility come into play. Employee referral programs can save an incredible amount of time that can be utilized in enhancing the candidate experience. Offering existing employees, the chance to refer their friends as suitable candidates can streamline the screening process and interview people who are way more competent as opposed to others.  

Furthermore, adding a monetary benefit to employee referral programs can guarantee high success rates and most importantly, future-ready talent who can offer the competitive edge.  

Driving Cloud-Based & AI-Powered Recruitment Performance with ZingHR 

The focus on hiring the right candidate, especially in large enterprise, is often overlooked. What does this do? Inefficient onboarding models can result in high attrition rates and compromise overall productivity. On the other hand, banking on traditional recruitment strategies can lead to a ton of paperwork, which is not ideal for any business to transform to the next level.  

ZingHR, an enterprise that goes above and beyond in terms of offering cloud-based HCM solutions, is committed to transform your HR functions in the most efficient way. From Digital Onboarding, Robotic Interviews, Talent Management and Performance Management, we cater to your capital acquisition requirements by leveraging digital and AI-based HR platforms.  

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