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Bringing domain expertise that helps companies achieve their strategic business results.

Minimize costs and establish better operational practices. Small to mid-size manufacturing companies are adding ZingHR to their HR functions to improve the company’s bottom line and deliver positive business outcomes.

The Future of HCM for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is often plagued with complex processes that significantly complicate the task of HR teams. From ensuring compliance to balancing conflicting demands of increased efficiency at reduced costs, HCM plays a significant role in realizing the strategic goals of any manufacturing organization. ZingHR powers the HR operations of medium and large complexity driven manufacturing enterprises. HR Processes and Practices that are complex yet that have to be included for core HR operations management are managed effortlessly by ZingHR Cloud HCM.

Payroll Processing

Hiring and Onboarding

Time and Attendance

Broader challenges for Manufacturing

  • Field Force Connect​
  • Field Force Performance
  • Frequent Shift changes ​
  • Breakshift leading to OT calculation challenges
  • Low Retention, High Attrition, Onboarding
  • Background Verification, Assessments
  • Adherence to local compliance
  • Minimum wages


Employee Engagement and Productivity

Statutory Compliance

Industry Dynamics

Meeting Workforce Demand

Organization Building

ZingHR practical Solutions

  • Platform configurability​
  • Customer-Site-Role wise rules
  • Breakshift Feature with auto calculations​
  • Learning, Succession Planning & Building leadership capabilities
  • ML & AI Enabled Recruitment,​
  • Digital Onboarding, Multilingual,​ Integrations with 3rd party​ providers
  • Owns Statutory updates

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