HCM Software for Manufacturing

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Future of HCM Software for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is often plagued with complex processes that significantly complicate the task of HR teams. From ensuring compliance to balancing conflicting demands of increased efficiency at reduced costs, HCM plays a significant role in realizing the strategic goals of any manufacturing organization. ZingHR powers the HR operations of medium and large complexity driven manufacturing enterprises. HR Processes and Practices that are complex yet that have to be included for core HR operations management are managed effortlessly by ZingHR Cloud HCM.




Broader Business Challenges For Manufacturing

  • Improving Business Metrics
  • Real-Time Employee and OT Cost
  • Employee Experience for Factory Users
  • Continuous production SOP Training / New product
  • Dynamic Shift Management & Rostering
  • Break shift
  • Calculation challenges
  • Leave Adherence
  • Discipline
  • Employee pulse and motivation
  • Employee movement – inter-entity, Exit Management and Re-hiring
  • Onboarding: Time to Hire, Cost to Hire
  • Compliance, Completeness of Employee information
  • Grievance management
  • Flexible work environment, Hourly wages, multi – payouts like bonus, festive advance, new employee payroll with compliances


ZingHR practical Solutions

  • Real-time analytics​
  • Microlearning – Multilingual
  • Multilingual mobile app for EX/Kiosks
  • Manufacturing ready training platform
  • Mobile App. Rostering, Transfer and org 365
  • Face / QR, Separation
  • OT Automation
  • Fingerprint/biometric login
  • Rewards & Recognition, Mood and health Surveys, Bots, e-Separation and Re-hiring processes through Alumni App
  • Mobile based Digital Onboarding
  • AL/ML tools
  • Mobile Onboarding
  • Employee Helpdesk
  • Multi Pay Cycle payroll platform

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