Your Guide To A Compelling Employee Onboarding Experience


Employee Onboarding is the first of the five key elements of a talent management system. It comes as no surprise what an effective onboarding program can do for your new hires. Furthermore, onboarding offers the best opportunity for improving the employer brand.

Why is Employee Onboarding important for your business?

Many surveys have highlighted the benefits for the organization. It minimizes significant costs in addition to increasing employee productivity, reducing employee turnover, etc.

  • 33% of new hires look for a new job within the first 6 months (more among millennials)
  • 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first forty-five days of employment
  • Employee turnover costs are estimated to range between 100% and 300% of the replaced employee’s salary [Source:].
  • 60% of managers who fail to onboard successfully cite failure to establish effective working relationships.  [Source: SHRM]

How can organizations enhance the new employee’s experience?

Create a structured onboarding program. Integrate values and culture through the onboarding experience. Support business goals in addition to aligning talent to the business strategy for goal clarity.
Best-in-class companies are more likely to invest in onboarding. Due to which, new employees at these companies are more likely to:

  • Stay at the company for at least one year
  • Meet or exceed corporate productivity goals
  • Become corporate leaders or influencers

[Source: Allied Workforce Mobility Survey]

How do you build a compelling onboarding experience for your new hires?

  • Onboard first, hire later

Onboarding starts before you even hire a candidate. The candidate is already introduced to your organization. Since he/she is constantly evaluating the culture, an onboarding process must ensure that you provide the best first impression to the candidate. An effective onboarding program goes a long way in improving employee engagement and retention.

  • Simplify documentation

Create a smooth first day at work for the new hire. Streamline the documentation process before the candidate joins. Hence, adopt a digital employee onboarding  approach. Interact and engage an employee from the day he/she receives the offer letter. The benefits of a Digital Onboarding app, is that it is instant, secure and paperless. It lets you create a checklist and ensures all the documents are in place. In addition, get the paperwork out of the way!

  • Recognition and Appreciation

67% of employers don’t offer recognition during onboarding! There’s a clear direct link between early engagement for new hires, long-term retention and increased productivity [Source:]. Hence, for maximized success in achieving the business goals, it is imperative to engage employees at an early stage. Recognition and appreciation can help to create the best first impression of the organization for the new hire.

  • Create opportunities for growth and development

Employees quit organizations because they perceive lack of growth and development opportunities. Hence, managers must make sure that employees are engaged and motivated. Overcoming challenges and achieving newer milestones help employees grow. Therefore, create a training schedule for your new hires. This highlights their growth journey in the organization. As a result, it makes them feel motivated and connected.

How do you make this process effortless?

ZingHR’s Digital Onboarding App on Mobile helps make this process digital and effortless. Furthermore, ensuring an instant and smoother onboarding experience. Read on for especially relevant benefits:

  • Aadhaar based eKYC for Employee verification
  • View and Download Offer Letter
  • Candidate training calendar
  • Share the joining checklist
  • Review compensation details
  • Go paperless with digital document submission functionality

An effective onboarding program goes a long way in improving retention. A happy workforce equals enhanced productivity and as a result, maximized success!
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