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Enabling pharma and healthcare organizations to tackle the market dynamics and the changing talent expectations

The Future of HCM for Healthcare & Pharma

With the increasing need for specialization and better regulatory compliance, Healthcare and Pharma companies are looking to revamp their HR departments to fortify the building blocks of their organizations. ZingHR HCM Cloud platform continues to empower the HR operations of major healthcare & pharmaceutical companies, across the globe. Its multi-tenant architecture and HR best practice solutions have helped companies drive growth and avail amazing benefits.

The pharma and healthcare sectors deal with a workforce of R&D professionals, manufacturing teams, a distributed field force, and the complexity of managing doctors, nurses, lab technicians, based in multiple locations.

Internal Stakeholders Vs External Stakeholders complexity

For the pharma segment, our products can have a seamless integration and provide solutions to manage shifts, rostering, complex leave rules and ensuring compliance. ​

For the healthcare segment, be it managing swap-shifts, managing visiting consultant and doctors data, integrating with multiple legal systems for attendance data, ensuring hassle-free payroll management; all can be managed via our solutions.

Broader Business Challenges for Pharma and Healthcare

Internal Stakeholders Vs External Stakeholders complex

  • Less Employee Engagement and Touch points​
  • Field Force Connect​
  • Field Force Performance
  • Dynamic Shift Management & Rostering​
  • Break Shifts​
  • Transfers, Absconding
  • Employee Attrition
  • Onboarding
  • Time to Hire, Cost to Hire​
  • Compliance, Completeness of Employee Master Background Verification, Assessments
  • Adherence to local compliance, Minimum wages


ZingHR Practical Solutions

  • Platform configurability​
  • Customer-Site-Role wise rules
  • Breakshift Feature with auto calculations​
  • Learning, Succession Planning & Building leadership capabilities
  • ML & AI Enabled Recruitment,​
  • Digital Onboarding, Multilingual,​ Integrations with 3rd party​ providers
  • Owns Statutory updates

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