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The future of HCM for Staffing and Facility Management

When it comes to staffing, India is today the fifth largest staffing market globally and is expected to employ approximately 6.1 million flexi-workforce by end of 2021.Over the past five years, the industry has grown at a rate of 20-25% per year, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down as yet.
Speaking of the Facility Management industry, it is rapidly growing, and Facility Management roles are expanding to include more responsibilities and skill sets. As the built environment becomes more integral to how modern society conducts business, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Broader Business Challenges for​ Staffing and Facility ​Management

Recruitment and Retention of Employees: HR departments spend large amounts of time, effort, and money trying to figure out how to keep their people from leaving

  • Customer wise leave, time attendance site policies​
  • Customer-wise rosters, unique shifts​
  • Each site has Holiday Master​
  • Each unit has unique shifts
  • Frequent Shift changes
  • Breakshift leading to OT calculation challenges
  • Leave Adherence​
  • ​Enforcement of Punch-in Punch-out
  • Onboarding
  • Time to Hire, Cost to Hire​
  • Compliance, Completeness of Employee Master​
  • Background Verification, Assessments
  • ​Adherence to local compliance, Minimum wages


End customer centricity

Statutory Compliance

Handling Business Dynamics

Process Handling

Change management

ZingHR practical Solutions

  • Platform configurability​
  • Customer-Site-Role wise rules
  • Breakshift Feature with auto calculations​
  • Learning, Succession Planning & Building leadership capabilities
  • ML & AI Enabled Recruitment,​
  • Digital Onboarding, Multilingual,​ Integrations with 3rd party​ providers
  • Owns Statutory updates

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