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A Thought Leader in HR Tech.

A Bold New Step to HR-Future.

ZingHR is at the forefront of HR innovation, focused on driving tangible business outcomes, transforming Hire to Rehire processes.

Loved by Enterprises.

Evolution of HR, fueled by technology.

We are a young enterprise with the knowledge and depth of a large organization, driven by the innovation and agility of a start-up. Our leaders are spearheading global conversations in HR as we implement future-ready concepts such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning Algorithms in our platform.

Winner of
Microsoft Accelerator

Global Presence
India, EMEA &

Funded by
TATA Capital
Growth Fund

Recognized by
4.8 Peer Insights Rating

Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to UNSDG
Charitable – Army program, Not for Profits
Our committment to Diversity

Certifications & Recognitions