HR Ground Zero

The Assemblage Blocks To Accelerating

Digital HR Transformation

  • Integrated End-to-End HR Solution
  • Outcome-oriented process design
  • Strong Integration Capabilities
  • Automated Dynamic Configurable workflows
  • Unique Architecture for expanded data
  • Integrated Power BI & HR Analytics


Helping Large Enterprises to Streamline their Business Operations

Organizational Attribute Configuration, Workflow engine, Business logic rule builders and configurator, roles and responsibility mapping, authorization packets to ensure data confidentiality. The clear advantages and business impacts here are that there is a flexible builder, Minimizes need for customization and has 14 years of industry experience and Best Practices built-in.


Employee record keeping at its finest

More than 400 configurable fields at employees’ fingertips

Dossier includes Personal Details, Address, Qualifications, Skills, Training details, Employment History, Identity details like Passport, Visa, Driving License, National ID cards, Family details, Nominations, Compensation details, Declarations and e-acceptance, Document upload depository to name a few.


A powerful way to visualise and know your workforce

Helping Large Enterprises to Streamline their Business Operations

Organizational structures have evolved and are designed to respond quickly to customer needs. Allocate your resources in a better way and improve the decision making processes.


Add new joinees with just a few clicks

Easy and systematic way of creating new employees on portal

ZingHR provides you a very easy and systematic way of adding a New Joinee in the system through the ‘Employee Creation’ module. It helps you in quickly adding new joinee from one screen and assigning them required rights for working on the portal. : EMP master template is used for adding the New joinee details in bulk or individually. It helps HR/ Admin/ Processing team to upload bulk database in one single template. The customer’s HR, admin, and processing teams need to follow these mandatory steps.


Engage with your peers within the organization

Streamline and centralize information at your organization

Birthdays, Work Anniversary and Marriage Anniversary are displayed in the portal. It is the one-stop shop for connecting all employees. You can create reward and recognition platforms and also disseminate important information.


Get pre-configured reports on the go

Historic, Current or Customized reports; ready for you now!

At ZingHR there are more than 100 standard reports, Flexible Report Builder with configurable access rights and alerts based on events


Business Analytics & HR Insights

Garner Intelligent Insights

Access your Human Capital metrics and reports at a speed you’ve never experienced before. ZingHR’s HCM system leverages Power BI to provide businesses with a 360-degree and real-time view of the most important HR metrics. Turn your data into intelligent, impactful visualizations and make better, informed decisions.

  • In-built Analytics and Trends
  • Real-time view of the most important HR metrics
  • Extract business intelligence for enhanced decision-making


Manage and Address IT Queries faster than ever!

Helping Large Enterprises to Streamline their Business Operations

  • Efficient Monitoring and Tracking
  • Track Employees Needs, Issues and Interactions
  • Proactive Interventions with precede actions
  • Better and Faster Problem Resolution
  • Organize Employee Requests


Streamlining Complex Business Processes

Define and Manage Hierarchies with Ease!

ZingHR’s Organization Lifecycle Management is an intelligent and highly configurable module that enables HR to map and manage employee status, movements, and appraisals with ease.

  • Maximize Business
  • Employee Status Management
  • Employee Organizational Movement Management
  • Employee Promotion/Compensation Management
  • Employee Hierarchy Management


Store, Access, Share & Tag Documents For Your Life Events Digitally

ZingID is an Enterprise Blockchain Network-based Document Management System made in India.

This digital locker protects each document and stores every transaction as a trail in ZingID Hyperledger storage. ZingID also provides REST APIs for other integration with various third parties.

Being a cloud operated digital locker, ZingID ensures all documents are secure, protected and accessible, anytime, anywhere! In addition to data storage, ZingID can be used as a platform for digital verification and issuing documents & certificates. ZingID protects documents from damage, spoilage, and theft.

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