Workforce management

Payroll cockpit

Faster processing,
assured accuracy and Better compliance

On-time and Adaptable Payroll Processing

Easily execute standard and complex payroll and compliances every month to ensure accurate and on-time processing done successfully. ZingHR’s Payroll Management platform can process more than 500 computations in less than a minute with zero errors. In the portal for payroll cockpit there are essential parts such as

Salary inputs
You can update all the inputs required to process salary starting from new joinees, to attendance and all required things.
Helps identifying what is the status of salary processes. It also helps find out and resolve any discrepancies.
Graphical representation of the payroll. It shows an overall snapshot in a visual format. Payday, month, status, how many employees are existing and how many are new, on hold salary etc.
MIS Output:
Powerful tool within the same portal that is needed after the payroll is processed. You will require a salary register, PF report for verification, so all registers and reports you get from this section.

Payroll cockpit: JV Builder

JV submissions made easy by ZingHR

Seamless submissions and quick requests raised for any tech support.

For any organization, it is imperative to have Journal Voucher submissions to finance after payroll. This is a mandatory step in every organization after Payouts. For this Implementation, the customer needs to raise a JIRA request to technical Support – ZingHR Internal with the required Custom JV format to build the system. As of now, all these Custom JVs are handled Manually through JIRA requests, and the Average Day to build JV is approx. 3 working days. The primary objective here is to detail the arrangement/setup with regard to JV Builder in ZingHR Cloud HCM implementation.

Payroll cockpit: Compliance

Streamline workplace policies at ease
reports on the go

Employee policies, safety procedures, and regulations that make
the workplace a safe environment!

ZingHR conducts network penetration and application penetration tests of our cloud service infrastructure periodically as prescribed by industry best practices and guidance. In the United Hosting environment ZingHR application is multi-tenant in nature, access to customers for audit is restricted. Customer can review security controls, audit reports and can Interview Security personnel of ZingHR on request. ZingHR security team performs Risk Assessment in all domains like strategic, Financial , Regulatory , Compliance , management , Operational, Technical etc

Payroll cockpit: Claims

Effectively maintaining your claims and
paperwork will help maintain credibility

With ZingHR portal it is easy to now apply for claims

It is now easy to apply claims. There is no need to fill paper forms, keeps a track of the same with technology. ZING HR UX allows applying your claims in a smooth way.

Payroll cockpit: Investment Declaration

Declaring your investment was never so easy

Make wise decisions and declare your investment for better returns

Investment Declaration is to declare the investments that you would be investing in the whole year to save the Tax (It is just the declaration) Actual Investment proofs are done at end of the year for what investment declaration Employee has done With actual receipts and proofs. At ZingHR it is very simple to do so.

Zero Touch Payroll

With the potential to change the payroll landscape globally

Real-time processing; seamless efficiency!

Ability to Improve Business Efficiencies

Eliminates need to process Payroll

Weekly/Daily/Hourly /Outcome-based salary payments

Monthly/Weekly payments with compliance & transparency

Facilitates Gig working

Employee Life Cycle Management:
Face Recognition

Enable face recognition for real-time employee tracking

Experience Facial Recognition Technology

Transform your workplace experience with Face Recognition for the mobile workforce. Beat employee attendance and tracking challenges. Collect real-time data with 95% accuracy. Mark attendance on-the-go with built-in GPS. Achieve a multitude of business objectives. Reduce excessive hardware costs across locations. Detect and identify multiple faces in one go!

Mark Attendance on-the-go with built-in GPS

Real-time employee attendance and tracking

Auto attendance linked to the compulsory presence in locations

Reduce excessive hardware across multiple locations

Multiple faces detection and recognition in one go

Eliminate biometric fingerprint with accurate facial recognition

Employee Life Cycle Management:
Time, Leave & Attendance

Manage Workforce More Effectively

Maximize Productivity & Propel Growth

Access real-time dashboards and capture Attendance in multiple ways. Align employee availability with work requirements to avoid any ‘unplanned non-availability of employees at work. Measure the time spent on creating business value and manage your workforce more effectively with user-friendly HR software systems.

Geo-Fencing based Punch In & Punch-Out

Quick Summary of Time & Attendance

Quick Apply for Leave

Details of Timecard

Employee Life Cycle Management:
Shifts and Scheduling

Helping employees manage work anytime, anywhere!
just a few clicks

Employees can manage their shifts basis geographies only with ZingHR

The HR and implementation folks can handle this and provide shifts and schedule timings for employees basis geographies. For example, people up north might want an early start and early end of day due to winters whereas it would be different for someone in the west. ZingHR schedules shifts weekly and generally they are pre-defined. The rest can be customised. Customised shifts can be done by organizations by sending requests and then implemented. There are rules in the shift regarding early departure, late arrival etc. Employees also have flexi time options that they can request for.

Employee Life Cycle Management:
Letter Generation

Verifying offer and moving ahead

Acceptance written and understanding shared!

Upload Signatory Stamp. Upload signatory stamp functionality has been implemented for LG in LG template while doing configuration from front end . This feature will help user to upload company ‘s signatory stamp on Letter generated. Please refer below image for configuration

Employee Life Cycle Management:
Probation to Confirmation

Easy ways to make the shift from
probation to permanency

Feature showing the shift from trainee
to confirmed employee

In the ELC tab on the portal, there is a dashboard which has all the various steps to an employee’s lifecyle. The dashboard access is with HR or admin who monitor the lifecycle and help in easy transitions. As the employee transitions from probation to confirmation, the dashboard shows the status update as well. Different organizations have their own set of predefined probation guidelines which are subjectively applied here.

Employee Life Cycle Management:

Verifying offer and moving ahead

Acceptance written and understanding shared!

Transfer is done action wise for employees. An employee location can be transferred, or increments or designation depending on a person getting promotion or otherwise, department etc. ZingHR creates transfer actions as per the employees. Using the action master tab under transfer tab, one can create multiple actions and implement transfer as a feature. While providing the product of ELC, and transfer being a feature in it, the action items and criterias can also be pre-defined.

Contract Management

Free up countless man days and automate your contract management process

Maximize your financial and operational performance

It helps you better manage contracts from contract generation to renewal, resulting in reduced operating costs and accelerated revenue.bYou can ensure contract compliance, decrease your contract cycle time, Shorten approval time.

Employee Life Cycle Management:
Employee Separation

Enable and Initiate Efficient End-to-End Employee Separation

Ensure Greater Transparency in the Offboarding Process

ZingHR’s e-separation system is designed to help employees get the benefit of an error-free exit process. Clear any perceptions of employee harassment and enable a smooth transition.

Ensure Compliance
Setup conventional workflows and clearance requirements to ensure a compliant offboarding process.
Garner Intelligent Insights
View employee lifecycle stats to get insights and manage employee attrition.
Separation Initiation
Allows users to initiate a request for E-Separation with features like online resignations, exit forms.
Helps identifying what is the status of salary processes. It also helps find out and resolve any discrepancies.
Employee Exit Clearance
Create multiple categories to group employee’s exit clearance in the system. Access unlimited Clearance Process Grouping Features.
Multi-variety Clearance Items
Create multiple clearance items and no dues checklist across different Roles, Departments, and SBUs, etc.
Separate Singular or Group Process Owner Feature (inside a Department)
For each Clearance Category, setup clearance owners allow them to authorize the pending clearance checklist for separated employees.
Compensation E-Separation Rule Engine
Configurable E-Separation Formula Builder for PF, Gratuity, allowances, and unprocessed loans. Generate Full N Final Settlement Statements post-processing.

Time sheet

Time tracking made simple and easy

Gain insights about what tasks should be prioritised and critical

Timesheet brings focus and accountability to take critical business decisions, which could help HR Professionals with workforce planning.

Easy to use interface

Setup approval flows

Configurable project options

Travel and Expense Management

Streamline and Accelerate Claims Processing

Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Link expenses with payroll compliance engine to help employees receive claims reimbursement instantly with ZingHR Claims Management Software (CLM). The single repository allows for easier validation of employee efforts and their claims by your HR and administration teams.

Gain 100% Visibility into Expenses
Leverage ZingHR’s travel and claims management system to gain complete visibility of all the claims filed and approved. Access this data anytime, anywhere to keep track of the company’s expenses.
Simplify Travel and Expense Processes for Employees
Boost your employer brand by making HR-related tasks easier for employees. Enable them to raise travel and claims requests on-the-go and check approval status with ease.
Eliminating Unnecessary Expenses
Increase savings by streamlining claims management processes. Define refined caps and setup customized approval rules to control budget expenses.
Travel Requests
Easy coordination for travel-related claims. Create your own Custom Travel types, travel requests can be tracked through the travel desk.
Claims Management
Transparency in claim management with the provision to configure CTC and non-CTC claims on Mobile.
Multi-Mode Approval Processes
Define different eligibility amounts for distinct employee groups/grades with the added flexibility to have it set differently at each employee level.
Eliminate complexity with systems in place for tracking of claims and travel requests based on Company policy.

Analytics Dashboard

Intelligent tool that allows today’s HR to work efficiently

Get HR insights for strategic
decision making

Aggregate and present employee data in a meaningful way, and help make the most of everyone’s time, both within the HR team and throughout the entire organization. The insights improve employee recruitment, satisfaction and retention.