Employee Engagement

Zing Social

Reinventing the Future of Work

With ZingHR’s smartest feature ZingSocial

Align your organizational goals and increase process efficiency with the insightful data and analytics. ZingSocial provides an ecstatic experience in building an engaged and driven culture for your company.

Key Features

Create Lasting Relationships with ZingSocial

ZingSocial – Sense, Analyze, Act

Engagement & Collaboration

Magic Wall
  • Reflect employee’s personalities (posts, images videos) on Social Wall
  • Collaborate beyond work on common interests through events and groups
  • Create positive competition with team contests and wins
  • Foster team spirit by scheduling special events


Emotional Sensors
  • Beyond surveys to understand your employee emotions and concerns
  • Hidden insights on employee well-being and happiness


Social Analytics
  • Analyze performance drivers, & discover collaborative networks
  • Build greater alignment and deploy retention mechanisms based on real time analytics
  • Stay alert on downward trends or other significant concerns

Employee Connects

Intrinsic Motivation for All

Building a sustainable culture of engagement

Meeting engagement strategies, increasing happiness quotient in the workspace. Attract, retain and engage employees seamlessly and manage attrition. Celebrate birthdays, interact on Social feeds, and make announcements

Employee Creation

Add new joinees with just a few clicks

Easy and systematic way of creating new employees on portal

ZingHR provides you a very easy and systematic way of adding a New Joinee in the system through the ‘Employee Creation’ module. It helps you in quickly adding new joinee from one screen and assigning them required rights for working on the portal. : EMP master template is used for adding the New joinee details in bulk or individually. It helps Hr/ Admin/ Processing team to upload bulk database in one single template. This is the mandatory steps which need to be followed by the customer’s HR/Admin/processing teams.

Rewards and Recognition

Reward Your Employees

Great engagement tool, helps in motivation and retention

Try to maintain a balance when it comes to feedback. Recognition helps you make sure that the balance is maintained. A small reward can help your employee in terms of productivity and it also improves employee retention and engagement.One of the most effective ways to reward your employees is by simply recognizing their daily efforts and accomplishments.


Customizable badges

mobile version on your fingertips

connecting receivers and givers

real-time updates


Improving Employee Experiences with HR Chatbot

Discover a smarter way to engage

Intuitively designed to improve employee productivity and efficiency, the ZingHR chatbot can be designed to behave like a virtual HR. It can simulate and carry out a real-time conversation with employees and respond to all HR related queries instantly, hence enabling a smarter way to engage 24X7. Switch to a better experience for your employees. ZingHR’s artificial intelligence-powered chatbot uses Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to mimic human conversations and respond to written prompts by the use.

Easy Access for Policy Viewing

Chatbots can reach, consume, and process vast amounts of data

Build natural and rich conversational experiences

Google Assistant Integration

Save Time & Money

Add Good Humor

Provide Greater Customer Satisfaction

Cut Down on Errors

Chatbot: Captain Zingo

Your Very Own, HR Assistant

HR Solutions. Anytime. Anywhere.

Get Instant Solutions to all your HR queries with the help of our Captain Zingo, now supported with google voice input. From being an HR Expert with real-time knowledge sharing to keeping your workforce updated with record tacking, Captain has it all in store for you. Now, Enhance your employee experience with a quick google assistant eager to have you onboard.

Attendance checking

See calendar, apply for leaves, see holiday list

Employee Search

Go and search your coworkers to connect

Award badges to an employee

HR Policies

View your HR Policies on the go

Birthday Wishes

Wish your peers on their birthdays

Help Desk

Raise your tickets for your daily inquiries

Seamless integration


Conduct employee surveys to build transparency as every opinion matters!

Taking employee opinions to build transparency

Using various tools and methods such as Pulse, Employee Sentiments, Engagement Tools, ZingHR’s survey module will surely help employees in feeling motivated and increase the happiness quotient. The best part, it is available on app, sms and mail which adds convenience and ease as you can take the survey anywhere, anytime.

With ZingHR’s new Recurring survey feature, while creating a survey, the admin can now select various survey frequencies, based on which the survey will reoccur on that designated day. Employees can access recurring surveys from the dashboard survey button of a specific form, and post that each recurrence. Results of the Recurring survey will be similar, except there will be a recurrence date dropdown to check all the data. The same is also available for individual survey response reporting.