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Digitally Enhance the New Hire Experience

Agile & Integrated, mobile-first Enterprise HRMS

Offer the same mobile-first, connected, and personalized experience to the HR and new hires that they are familiar with in their daily lives. Establish a structured hiring and onboarding process to enable a truly digital workplace, create a more inclusive culture, and accelerate new-hire productivity.

Accelerate new hire integration to ensure swift understanding of company goals and roles, leading to higher ROI through increased productivity.

Centralize workstation assignments, bank account opening letters, visiting cards, and ID cards on a unified platform. This seamless experience boosts retention and decreases dropout rates.

Tailor onboarding steps, simplify paperwork, and introduce SLA-based tracking for swift transitions and exceptional experiences across all touchpoints.


Simple Models Reflecting Current Position of Manpower

Estimating and planning the optimum workforce needed

Manpower planning or Human Resource Planning is the process of estimating the optimum number of people required for completing a project, task or a goal within time. Manpower planning includes parameters like number of personnel, different types of skills, time period etc. The process aims at putting the right number and kind of people at the right place and time, doing the right things for which they are suited for. HR planning plays a key role where the HR function is a strategic business partner in the organization.

It allows user to enter and edit descriptions related to the job positions for which the requisition is raised

The budget given in the system takes into account the current manpower in organization too.

After approval, the budget reflects in the requisition column.

The managers have the flexibility to unfreeze the budget and make any changes or deletions.

The replacement option is mapped to the resignation process and enables mapping to a resigned employee if exit is carried out in the system.

One can select the multiple levels of approvers as their organization system may require

In case of any differences, the approver may reject the requisition and a new one may be generated; approver will not be permitted to make any changes directly to the system.


Connect and Engage with your New Hires

The end result is a happy workforce and enhanced productivity for maximized success.

One of the most crucial opportunities for employer branding is the employee onboarding process. Quick and effective onboarding can help communicate the organization’s values, expectations, and culture, enabling an engaged employee atmosphere. ZingHR’s Onboarding Mobile App can ensure a smooth and satisfying onboarding process for your new hires.


Multi Channel Hiring to Recruit Quality Talent

Multi platform approach will get us the best possible employees from various walks of life

At ZingHR, during the Hiring phase, Source for Talent pool from multiple channels such as job portals, internal recruitment team, career website, external recruiters, internal job posting & referrals and social media gives more quality. We can also choose to Post the Job internally which will be visible to all employees on the homepage dashboard. Similarly, we can Post the job to Company’s Website under the career section. (This section is under development . currently). We can also make use of posting the requisition on Social Channels such as LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We can assign requisitions to external consultants. (This section is under development currently). Post this, we need to click on Sourcing to initiate the Candidate Process. Select the newly created requisition from the search drop down.


Transform the way you recruit; let the bots do the hiring for you

Zing AI-enabled Robotic Interviews are designed to automate the recruiting process


Time Reduction


Resource Reduction

Features: Human-less interviews, Objective questions for technical scores, Improved analytics for intelligent hiring, Improved candidate experience, real-time emotion analysis, personality assessment using speech, multiple parallel interviews, Assessment recording. 


Navigate through Hiring Challenges, Smartly

Recruitment and screening becomes easy with AI and ML

ZingHR is a machine learning powered solution. It helps you navigate through challenges like slow decision making, lack of transparency and personal bias in recruitment. Software helps screening and profiling by using data to filter and find the best fit. It also helps in reducing the cost of a bad hire and maximizing the ROI on the resource time & cost spent on recruiting. ML based resume matching scores for easy screening of talent. Screening of candidates with resume matching scores with the job description to help you assist right talent

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