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A unified platform that could offer a standardized cockpit view of all HR activities in a single dashboard is the need of the hour

Enhance top-line and increase people engagement with New-Age Technologies

The Future of HCM for BFSI

End to End Workflow based

Evolution Of Product Features

Partner With Domain Expertise

Broader Business Challenges for BFSI

Recruitment and Retention of Employees

HR departments spend large amounts of time, effort, and money trying to figure out how to keep their people from leaving

  • Flexibility in Operations and Processes​
  • Employee Movement
  • Learning and development of White collared and On-field employees
  • Training for the new joinees​
  • Hiring at massive scale
  • Sourcing of candidates from various job portals
  • Adherence to local compliance


Employee Engagement and Productivity

Statutory Compliance

Industry Dynamics

Meeting Workforce Demand

Organization Building

ZingHR practical Solutions

  • Platform configurability​
  • Customer-Site-Role wise rules
  • Breakshift Feature with auto calculations​
  • Learning, Succession Planning & Building leadership capabilities
  • ML & AI Enabled Recruitment,​
  • Digital Onboarding, Multilingual,​ Integrations with 3rd party​ providers
  • Owns Statutory updates

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