A unified platform that could offer a standardized cockpit view of all HR activities in a single dashboard is the need of the hour.

The Future of HCM for BFSI

Broader Business Challenges For BFSI

Recruitment and Retention of Employees

HR departments spend large amounts of time, effort, and money trying to figure out how to keep their people from leaving

  • Field Force Productivity Tracking
  • Performance Management: Ensuring Performance
  • On-Job continuous Learning and Motivation
  • Employee Engagement/ Connect
  • Performance based Incentives, Rewards & Recognition
  • Leave Adherence
  • Enforce of Punch In/ Punch Out
  • Onboarding: Time to Hire, Cost to Hire
  • Compliance, Completeness of Employee Master Background Verification, Assessments
  • Adherence to local payroll and other compliances


ZingHR practical Solutions

  • Zing Productivity
  • Zing Learn
  • Zing Engage
  • Zing OutPerform
  • Zing Rewards
  • Zing Time
  • Digital Onboarding, Multilingual
  • Zing Zero Touch Payroll & Comply

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