51 %

Retaining Top Talent

59 %

Designing Learning Initiatives

41 %

Enhancing the Digital Quotient

36 %

Attracting Top Talent

Enhance top-line and increase people engagement with New-Age Technologies

Adopt New-Age Technologies

With a customer-centric approach, improving user experience, driving customer retention and loyalty holds foremost importance. This can enable institutions to improve efficiencies, optimize operations and deliver better to their customers.

Attracting and Retaining the right talent

The complex regulatory environment, dynamic business models and replacing legacy systems for better, sustainable platforms are major challenges for HR Manager with added responsible for enhancing top-line by acquiring, managing and retaining the right talent.

Agility and Innovation

ZingHR’s Next-Generation digital HR solution, advanced real-time Intuitive Dashboard, and Analytics + Compliance benefits offer the right agility and continuous innovation needed to rethink and redesign employee engagement.

The Future of HCM for BFSI

Evolving digital dictates will render tomorrow’s Banking & Financial Service Industry unrecognizable form today’s. Catering to a new generation of digital native customers will require equally savvy workforce and processes designed to enhance efficiency. By equipping HRs with the right HCM tools and technologies, organizations can successfully transform their people and processes for a brighter future.

End to End work flow based

Evolution of product features

Partner with domain expertise