Talent Management

A Holistic Approach to Talent Management


Establish Goals and competencies

Joint Goal setting is paramount for any organization to create happy, productive employees.

Predefined goals are sometimes already existing for some roles. At ZingHR we Create Goals and competencies, Competencies are configured based on the roles, Evaluate goals and competencies, Approve Goals.


Performance Differentiation and Rankings

Link performances to rewards for employees

The bell curve performance appraisal system provides a systematic way to identify the star performers and to link their performance with appropriate reward. It also helps the HR department to identify the low performing employees and further help them to improve their performances.

The average or mean of the curve is always located at the center

Bell curve has only one mode or peak

It has a predictable standard deviation

It follows symmetry that means data is halved along the middle of the bell


A Holistic Approach to Employee Performance

Performance Appraisal Process Establish Goals and competencies for each employee Monitor & Evaluate Actual Performance vs Targetted Make decisions and define corrective measures in performance if any.


Identify star Performers and Meet the Ideal Curve

As we know the bell curve is a tool that helps the HR to facilitate reward mechanisms and also a systematic way to identify star performers and to link their performance. The HR collates final scores from managers and reviewers for all employees and moderates in the ideal bell curve to ensure that it meets the ideal curve. This process is called “Normalization” and is a critical step to rank employees’ performance under categories.


Objectives & Key Results for teams & individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results

Set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results. Track progress, create alignment & bring in engagement around measurable goals.

OKRs can be practised at an individual level that can affect the growth of the entire company. The unique thing about OKR is that it builds a collaborative effort among various departments & unity within the departments is what is needed for the company to grow as a whole.


Learn, Evolve, Succeed with ZingHR’s Career Growth

Explore and make decisions that help in your career growth.

At ZingHR, we help employees grow and develop in their careers by offering them various LMS and PMS tools. It is imperative that they successfully navigate their occupational options to choose and train for jobs that suit employee personality, skills, and interests.


Empower your Workforce with ZingHR’s Career and Succession Planning

Ensure Business Continuity and Build Future Ready Workforce


Design and deliver interactive learning experiences on Zing Learn today

Developing the Talent You Need Is A Better Way to Develop and Retain Top Talent

Ensure Outcomes-Driven Learning & Training

Analyse training impact and effectiveness with Kirkpatrick Model 

Train your people rationally with a comprehensive understanding of your training program. Measure impact & training effectiveness with verifiable evidence to support the effective application of newly acquired skills at the job. 

Accelerate learning at every touchpoint

Reaction > Learning > Behaviours > Results 

  • Manage discrepancies between stated objectives and actual learning GTM Planning
  • Enhance future training experiences
  • Reliable estimation of improvement in learners
  • Calculate impact of training as performance improvements

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