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A culture of continuous learning aligns the workforce. On-demand learning has become essential for organizations to improve employee performance. It helps reduce retention and also foster a collaborative environment. Because technology is an integral part of the process, an online learning management system (LMS) is a need for the modern workforce. LMS has already proven to be worth the hype.

LMS is used to deploy a variety of learning strategies in different formats, including formal, experiential and social, so as to manage functions such as compliance, training, certification management, and sales/ marketing enablement.

Deliver an enriching and interactive experience for the modern workforce. Let’s explore how LMS is helping businesses boost employee performance.

Personalize Training Goals:

Create personalized training goals for individual employees based on training needs analysis. Training content can be personalized considering key responsibilities, skill gaps, learning goals and other criteria.

Individuals can nominate themselves for few of the corporate training and also customize their coursework and online learning. As a result, it helps in effective learner engagement and also knowledge retention.

On-demand Availability:

With an online training management system, content is made available on-demand. Learners can instantly access their course content, across multiple devices. Today we are living in the digital age, where thanks to smartphones, we have information quickly available at our fingertips.

Therefore, enterprises should be able to deploy LMS without geographical boundaries. Corporate learners must be able to access course material using their login credentials from anywhere.

Updated Training Content:

LMS can organize and store multiple course types using a range of activities and resources. As a result, this platform helps to keep your training materials up to date.

Advanced Analytics:

Furthermore, all sophisticated LMS platforms have in-built reporting and analytics. With this, you can track various aspects of the training programs. With its feature-rich applications and real-time visualization, track learner engagement trends and identify patterns.

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It is generally believed that “Teamwork makes the dream work” and companies today, are no different!

The driving force in any organization is its workforce. Their dedication and efforts help achieve company objectives and enhance the business performance. Hence, every organization must ensure that while hiring a candidate, he/she understands the core values. The organizations’ business objectives and ethics must be clearly defined and communicated. However, in traditional onboarding processes, this is generally ignored, leading to employee dissatisfaction. This can also clearly lead to high attrition.

That’s where the Zing Onboarding Mobile App can help employers. Effortlessly collaborate, digitally onboard employees and reduce attrition. Create a smooth, engaging and compelling experience for employees even before they join.

With Zing Onboarding Mobile App, you can:

  • Use voice command to fill out forms
  • Receive pre-onboarding training support
  • Print joining kits for candidates
  • Use employer login for instant employee creation
  • Notify employees on-the-go
  • Get real-time candidate status and statistics

The on-cloud, secured and customized digital onboarding platform offers features like:

  • Paperless onboarding
  • eKYC integration for instant employee verification
  • Maximizes candidate engagement
  • Reduces candidate dropouts and thus,
  • Drives impactful results.

Imagine a mobile app where candidates are given the facility to accept and submit their offer letter digitally. They also can upload other documents and update personal information. They can engage, connect and chat with the employer. Organizations can take notch it up with a gamified experience.

Take your company’s technological presence a step further. Digital Onboarding mobile app also allows employers to put up pre-onboarding training calendars. Candidates can go through and learn from this information before their joining date. Thus, the app works as a perfect platform for information exchange. This results in better workflow management, and employee retention, in the long run.

Interactive and intuitive Onboarding app is the perfect way to onboard employees today!

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The age of artificial intelligence is here.

With the availability of an enormous amount of data and sophisticated tools that can be driven to make sense of this data, the modern HR is empowered to do far more than just make the right hiring decisions.

Artificial Intelligence, when put to work for Human Resource functions, can enable tracking, monitoring, delivering HR and business insights. It analyzes people performance and helps achieve business outcomes. The benefit that AI can bring to businesses is not restricted to any specific industry. Machines can employ Artificial Intelligence to manage HR functions that are considered to be unmanageable for humans, at an unimaginable speed.

Machine Learning impacts and revolutionizes people management. Applying Machine Learning algorithms helps you specify and precisely shortlist only the candidates that meet your business needs and preferences. Finding the right candidate for your requirement becomes quick and simple with Artificial Intelligence. It eliminates bias, reduces manual effort and time, creating a shortlisted set of candidates to touch base with, and this is just a start.

Benefits of using AI for HR:

– Streamlined and automated recruitment
Machine Learning recognizes patterns and creates relationships to sort and filter through thousands of CVs and applications as per the job description. It even suggests the best job role for a candidate based on their profile, interest, knowledge area and past experiences.

– Upgrading employee skills
AI can help in recommending cross-training and upgrading employee skills by identifying the right skill sets for an employee’s profile. The employee feels more engaged and valued with an organization that invests time and efforts into enriching the employee’s growth and experience.

– Managing Employee Performance
AI reduces bias in reviewing employee performance, encouraging fair appraisals, more engaged and productive workforce and reduced retention.

– Accurate and real-time HR Analytics
Machines process data, provide insights and analytics at exponentially faster speed. With 360 degree employee information at your fingertips, make better, data-driven decisions.


Leverage the power of Machine Learning to hire smart

In search for the perfect candidate, most corporate HR departments struggle to deal with an avalanche of data, and find it challenging to match a job seeker’s CV with the job description.

Machine Learning revolutionizes recruiting by applying complex mathematical calculations to analyze the behavior of a potential employee.

Makes faster hiring decisions as the requirement for the right candidate is clearly defined. Reduces resource time and efforts and hence the overall cost for an organization. Eliminates interviewer bias, predicts candidate behavior, reduces attrition and accelerates the decision making process with better accuracy.

ZingHR’s Machine Learning Hiring Tool

ZingHR’s Machine Learning capabilities help map skills and competencies of the candidates, deriving the percentage of compatibility with the JD and compiling a report in a significantly shorter time span. With Microsoft’s Cognitive and emotional analysis, ZingHR revolutionizes businesses and ensures faster and smarter recruitment.

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