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Machine Learning for HCM

Using complex algorithms machines learn from data and patterns, allowing you to find hidden insights of human capital in fraction of seconds. Machine Learning provides the agility to automatically apply complex mathematical equations to big data.

Machine Learning Features

  • Prediction ModelsPrediction Models for Competency, Longevity, Skills, Demography and Culture to get an overall perspective of a Candidate
  • Capturing CompetencyCaptures Competency using a self developed Competency Model COMPARER.
  • Capturing LongevityCaptures the longevity of the candidate based on his work history
  • Analyze Skill FitmentPredicts Skill Fitment as per the skills selected at the time of requisition
  • Analyze Culture FitmentPredicts Culture Fitment and Personality using IBM Watson Personality Insights
  • Customized modelsCustom tweaking of each model to get results as per recruiter’s requirement
  • Capturing employee behaviour Captures the behavioral aspects from candidate’s Social Media activities (future plan)
  • Digital Interview AnalysisAnalysis from digital interviews using Microsoft cognitive Api (future plan)
  • Forecasts Success Forecasting success rate on the basis of overall features of candidate (future plan)
Machine Learning Features

Machine Learning Benefits

Rapid processing, analysis, and predictions

Machine Learning revolutionizes recruiting by applying complex mathematical calculations to analyze the behaviour of a potential employee, hence saving the time spent on recruitment.

Eliminating interviewer bias

Given the right human insight, machine learning can eliminate interviewer bias as it analyzes the big data as per user defined parameters and the results are drawn objectively.

Predict Employee Attrition based on algorithms

Predictive models can be designed by Machine Learning algorithms classifying potential employees as per their probability of attrition, derived by past behavioural patterns within their previous workplaces.

Futuristic approach on behavioural pattern

Machine Learning assesses the behavioural pattern of a candidate through the Resume and Social Media profiles. It captures sophisticated patterns to predict the position a candidate is best suited for.

Personalized and cost-effective solution

It helps make faster hiring decisions as the requirements for the right candidate are clearly defined, reducing the resource time and efforts, hence reducing the overall costs for the organization.

Machine Learning Use Cases

Helps predict candidate fitment for pre-trained job profiles


Creation of Job Requisition

Upload Job Description, Choose the desired skillset and Tweak Models as required from diffrent behavioural attribute


Uploading Resumes in Bulk

A single or multiple Resumes can be uploaded as a zip file. Resume can either be in pdf or doc format.


Get candidate profiles as result

Machine filters and show candidate profiles as result based on Culture & Skill Compatibility, Competency, Longevity and Demography.

ZingHR helps you in various stages – Intelligent recruitment processes, assisting businesses predict and measure employee performance. Hire faster, smarter and better with Machine Learning.