Machine Learning-Integrate Human Expertise with Intelligent Insights.

Machine Learning

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HR Manager

Can you tell me about Machine Learning & Deep Learning?

ZingHR is a machine learning powered solution. It helps you navigate through challenges like slow decision making, lack of transparency and personal bias.

It also helps in reducing the cost of a bad hire and maximizing the ROI on the resource time & cost spent on recruiting. 

HR Manager

Any more benefits?

Yes, it helps organizations make quick and smart hiring decisions. 

HR Manager

Anything else that you can tell me? Maybe some numbers

You will be building custom models based on the requirements to analyze resumes. Thus,you reduce recruitment cost by 66%,save shortlisting time by 92% and improve efficiency by 70%.

You also have a bot that operates 24×7 and get improved analytics that is helpful in intelligent hiring.

HR Manager

Wow I am really impressed by this. It is really insightful and helpful.

Thank you so much. Click on the link above to know more.

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ZingHR has developed resources to help you through these challenging times. Click here to know our most sought after Work From Home offerings to help you cross this hurdle.