5 Major Themes in Workplace Tech for 2022


Leveraging workplace technologies to transform the future of business

It comes as no surprise that the last couple of years have been challenging. Following a hybrid work model, it is imperative that enterprises leverage technology to nurture a collaborative workforce. Moreover, from designing performance metrics that can be analysed and monitored in real-time to implementing AI-enabled recruitment solutions, workplace technologies are the need of the hour.

On the other hand, enterprises have rather used disruption as a gateway to implement technologies that can streamline business operations and foster innovation. For example, organizations that invest in state-of-the-art HR tech models can drive individual performance, automate talent acquisition strategies and digitize onboarding. ZingHR, an innovation-led enterprise offers cloud-based HCM solutions that can help your organization leverage technologies to acquire the best talent and facilitate workforce productivity in the most efficient way.

Now, apart from incorporating technologies to drive the future of work, small and large-scale enterprises must value training their workforce, developing unique talent, designing transparent recruitment strategies and promoting employee engagement.

Here are 5 major themes that can utilize workplace tech in 2022.

Coping with Hybrid Work

The term “hybrid work” is nothing short of a lifestyle. Even before the pandemic, contract workers and freelancers demanded a flexible work culture. However, without the right technology, boosting employee productivity and promoting peer engagement throughout a distributed workforce can be challenging.

Yes, the pandemic did force organizations to reconsider the way they structured their business operations. Although a hybrid work culture sounds like an interesting idea, companies must be equipped with the right tools to foster change and facilitate continuous growth. Here is where the impact of technology truly matters. For example, by implementing AI and ML-enabled solutions, you can leverage cloud-based data analytics to monitor performance, enhance career growth and conduct remote interviews for the best outcome. ZingHR’s Geo-Fencing solutions can help your organization effectively manage employees, transform a digitally connected workforce and most importantly, design a framework to improve employee efficiency.

Talent Acquisition and Training

Other than focusing on a hybrid work environment, it is vital that enterprises invest in sourcing the right talent along with designing accessible learning management systems, especially while incorporating a flexible work culture.

Manual management of employee data and screening documents no longer promotes process efficiency. To replace this tedious effort, using the right workplace technology can help you

automate business processes and align recruitment goals with organizational objectives. For instance, ZingHR HCM models like Robotic Interviews, Digital Onboarding, AI/ML Powered Screening and Chatbots can offer agile and accurate solutions, reducing the amount of human intervention.

For an enterprise to grow, its people must constantly strive to learn. However, handing out physical learning material in the digital era no longer seals the deal. Therefore, with emerging technologies, organizations must adapt and transition to adopt a digital learning experience. For the most part, learning shouldn’t be forced but should be inspired. With an AI-enabled cloud platform, your employees can hand-pick courses based on their preference, from anywhere and at any time. Zing Learn is ZingHR’s answer to all your online and digital learning requirements. You are now equipped with the technology that can empower, design and deliver interactive learning experiences. With engaging dashboards, you can accelerate workforce productivity and invest in micro learning for cost-effective models.

Sustainable Investments – ESG

ESG practices in any enterprise are sustainable in nature. These are environmental, social and governance factors that investors look for to identify material risks and growth opportunities. Furthermore, people who seek employment opportunities are more than willing to work for companies who implement business solutions that are aligned with conserving the environment.

What does this do? Designing efficient ESG goals can help organizations attract potential investors who look for socially conscious investments across diverse industry verticals.

With global enterprises aligning their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to environment, social and governance parameters, it is time for your enterprise to move towards sustainable business practices for value-added investments. ZingHR’s ESG model is driven by the commitment to empower your enterprise with initiatives tailored to motivate employees by instilling a sense of purpose and promoting secure investments with confidence. Also, with the power of cloud-based data analytics, you can ensure greater business transparency, track definite results and define clear standards, rules and workflows.

Workplace Safety and Wellbeing

Global enterprises today and striving to foster an environment built on safety. Workplace safety is an integral part of any organization and inspires a culture where employees feel protected and valued.

Although unforeseen circumstances cannot be predicted, it’s important that organizations use technology to ensure optimal working conditions along with increasing overall productivity. Individual performance can only be enhanced if employees are rest assured that their safety is in good hands. Therefore, implementing cutting-edge technologies can contribute to employee security and create awareness of work environments through real-time digital communication.

If you are a large-scale enterprise, physically monitoring employee safety can be challenging. Therefore, using technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), drones, and training software can help your enterprise promote safety and as a result, mitigate disruption.

Workforce Conflict Resolution

According to a survey by HRCI, workplace conflict reportedly costs companies $359 million a year. Therefore, it is important for business leaders to optimize their resources in such a way that a collaborative environment is maintained every single time.

In order to nurture a competent workforce, it is vital that organizations pay attention to employee feedback. Although face-to-face interactions are important to manage and minimize individual conflicts, incorporating technology can help you constantly stay in touch with your workforce and devise a framework to analyse gaps in communication.

For instance, video calls and online team meetings can help your workforce address individual grievances on a non-biased forum. This can in turn help the HR department curate strategies that are focused on enhancing the employee experience. Therefore, workplace technology can play an extremely important role in designing a comprehensive conflict-resolution process.

Considering the impact of workplace technology on implementing a hybrid work culture, sustainable investments and safety, the future of business looks promising.

ZingHR offers business-centric solutions that can help you optimize operations using cloud-based technologies for greater business visibility, ensuring outcome-oriented productivity.

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