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Reshape the Future of your Organisation with Advanced HR Tech Solutions

Technology has been a major inclusion in our life and has played a significant role in transforming the HR Function as a whole. At ZingHR, we use the latest and the most advanced digital  HR tech solutions to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Owing to the requirements of the organizations and industries, we bring to you the most effective HR technology that would help your organization achieve the desired Business Outcomes.

The best thing about the employee’s tech HR solutions from ZingHR is that we abide by the latest standards and norms. Our aim has always been to connect technology and human resource effectively. Join us to explore the wide range of new work concepts.

We Help Increase Efficiency in Start-ups in India

With our Focus on Business Outcomes, adoption of disruptive technologies and Lean HR Concept, we have empowered large enterprises to drive performance and result-oriented culture. We keep ourselves updated with the latest HR technology trends and our approach has always been to enable businesses to attract, engage and onboard the right talent. Our HR software acts as a synergy between the employees and HR technology companies. Serving more than 550 companies worldwide, we believe in redefining the employee experience and transforming the HR function.

The objective of ZingHR has been to drive digital transformation and simplify almost all the areas related to Human Capital Management lifecycle. We have helped HRTech Startups in India to achieve business results.

Our Focused Approach towards process innovations with Lean HR technology solutions is UNPARALLELED!!

We understand the business requirement of every industry – be it SMB’s or Large Enterprise. ZingHR is having 18 years of knowledge and depth, driven by innovative and agile   HR technology solutions.

The following are some of the proven steps that we have taken for top HR tech companies in India

  • We have overcome the challenge associated with storing, managing, and accessing data by controlling data in order to enhance the productivity of the people.
  • We have analyzed the proper methods involved in the reduced cost of sourcing by giving preferences to better hiring and onboard processes.
  • We are focused on delivering the best result. Therefore, with the latest HR technology solutions, we ensure better HR operational efficiency. This has significantly reduced the processing cycle time.
  • Our HR technology solutions have proved beneficial for the healthcare sector as well by delivering industry-specific needs with the help of revamped HR practices. 
  • ZingHR solution is one of its kinds and the advanced system has helped HR tech startups India to revamp their practices with simplified adoption and implementation.
  • Our proven HR technology solutions have the potential to create a flexible system that would handle multiple scenarios with ease. Our aim has always been to provide a platform for the industries that would run seamlessly with the help of the present infrastructure.

What to Expect from ZingHR?

Being in the business for years, we have seen the transformation major industries go through. Some of them taste it easily while others take time and with great difficulty. Most of the time, the reason is seen as mismanagement.

Well, with ZingHR, be ready with HR360 that offers more than 24 modules of HRMS in different languages. Our technical support to the HRTech Startups in India has helped the industries to stay tune to the lean practices that would help optimize the impact and empowering the peers.

We provide any start-up or industry with several solutions. These can cater from talent acquisition to hiring and onboarding. Apart from this, our advanced tech support in HR management has helped companies- old or new ones- to maintain payroll, talent and performance, and various lifecycle events.

Apart from all these, we are the trusted solution provider for HR tech Mumbai. Our experience and expertise in the domain have helped built practical solutions with quick support (whenever required). In addition to this, our every 45-day product update helps you to get to the latest trends and norms in the field with ease.

Get in touch with us for the best HR technology solutions and HR technology trends. We are always there to help you out.