Now-a-days employees are spending more and more time at the office, however an increase in number of work hours doesn’t always equate to an equal increase in work efficiency. An online HR solution is not only useful for making tasks easier for the HR department but is beneficial for other business operations too, which in turn help to improve employee efficiency.

– Organizational alignment: With an online solution, it is easier to categorize your employees based on their skills thus helping form better work teams. This enables workforce engagement in line with better decision-making. The overall productivity can be significantly improved by delegating relevant tasks and responsibilities. This also makes the process of performance rating simple

– Transparency: cloud based HR software gives all the employees access to their files helping keep things transparent. From self-evaluation to rewards and recognition, all the relevant data is made accessible for the employee within minutes. Transparency ensures that the employees are constantly self-motivated to improve their performance

– Appreciation: Appreciating an employee for their work not only boosts their morale but helps to maintain a positive work environment. Although regular appreciation is good, but constructive feedback always encourages everyone to perform even better. An online HR system allows you to personally appreciate the efforts of your co-worker. It also allows managers and HR to easily send their appreciation to the employee

– Regular Feedback: Online HR solution makes it easier to gather inputs from multiple end points at a single moment. Getting such comprehensive reviews and feedback encourages the employees to work on their performance gaps and improve, as well as helping them gain insights on their development needs

– Training Management: When you have all the employee data stored online, it helps you to compare the skill sets and performance reports of all the employees in a single view. This gives you an opportunity to map competency voids and identify areas of improvement. Based on this information you can arrange the right training programs for your employees. This will not only hone the skills of your employees but also encourage them to perform better

– Flexibility: Everyone wants their employees to deliver exceptional results all the time, but this can be only achieved when employees have some flexibility and are not bound completely. Allowing employees to manage and handle their attendance and working hours keeps them in charge of delivering excellence at all times

Employee performance can be boosted by these activities. It is necessary to analyze your current HR system and upgrade it accordingly.


In today’s time, we see that almost all the professional and personal work are done with the help of the technology and it becomes next to impossible for all the organizations to work in an efficient manner without using technology. Employee Management Software is one of the most used software and it proves very helpful in increasing the productivity and security of an organization. This software basically helps in increasing the productivity and security of your office.

This software also has the potential of reducing the cost of the payroll and the management cost as well. This is the first and foremost reason why this software has become so popular among the companies. This kind of software also has the ability for completely eliminating any of the paper trails of employees such as time keeping. The main work of this software is to assemble, organize and manage all the data of the employees who are part of any particular company.  One of the main features of this software is to track the time of all the employees.

As an Employee Database Software is a kind of must to use thing for your office, thus it is very necessary to remember some important points related to it:

Prioritize all your task: As this software is helpful in increasing the productivity of a company, thus in many of the cases most of the companies think that everything will happen automatically, however it is very necessary for all the organizations to prioritize all their tasks so that the software can also work with ease and an efficient manner as well.

It is simple to use: There are many business owners who assume that using this software is a tedious task, however, it is very easy to use this software and by using it correctly you can also ensure that the productivity of your organization increases.

For small and large businesses: There are many small companies which don’t use this software as they think that this software is only beneficial for large businesses, however, this is not true at all. This software if used in an efficient manner, it is useful for both small and the big companies.

Buy it from a good company: To make sure that this software works in a good and efficient manner for your company, it is very necessary that you buy it from the right company. This will ensure that your software will prove helpful in your company’s progress.

Understand it fully: To make this system work for you with ease, it is very important that you understand to use it in a complete manner, by doing this you can easily ensure that you don’t miss any chance to make it efficient for your use.

These are some of the points which can help you to use this software in a better way. You can also get in touch with ZingHR as it is a known name when it comes to Employee Database Management software.


Leave is an integral part of the welfare of the workforce of any company. It helps to improve the morale of the employees by giving them time to enjoy a nice vacation or spend quality time with family or take part in a religious ceremony or tend to the sick in the family. One of the important aspects that impact any company’s productivity and the attrition rate is the welfare of the employees. By not sanctioning leave or vacation, morale is affected. The human resources department of any firm is constantly trying to bring in measures to strike the right balance between satisfaction levels of the employees and the company’s business objectives by use of employee attendance software. A captain is only as good as his team, so is a company only as good as its employees. Disgruntled or inefficient employees will not make a successful company. An efficient system of managing the leave requirements of the workforce is key to operational and administrative success.

Flexible Policies – Balanced To Optimize Productivity

Different types of organizations have different leave policies. However, a flexible policy that cannot be exploited or flouted is very often the best policy. By keeping in mind the workflow requirements and the leave and/or vacation requirements of employees in a particular region while drawing up the policy, companies attempt to optimize work efficiency and loyalty. Use of an employee leave management system to manage the leave requirements of the employees in a company will ensure:

  • That leave is applied for and granted through a centralized system, keeping key personnel in the loop
  • That leave will be granted in such a way that departments will be manned at all times with minimum required manpower
  • That leave will be granted for exigencies at the shortest possible time by invoking and using a special feature
  • That vacations will be planned in advance and leaves managed efficiently by advance intimation and effective follow-up
  • That acquittance roll/payroll software is integrated with employee attendance software
  • That reports for all necessary and relevant queries are made available to higher hierarchy
  • That the data is secure

Cutting Attrition

Accommodating the leave requests within the ambit of company’s policy and the laws governing the issue pose a major challenge. A company’s leave policy is often a reason for attrition of employees who choose to look for greener pasture. Employee leave management system factors in all the requirements in the algorithms.

The Five Tips – Bull’s Eye

The five tips on leave management for HR teams are a mix of a humane overview of leave requests, by ensuring that morale of all employees is high while also improving the company’s business and productivity.

  1. Patterns of leave requests of employees found to be taking undue advantage of leave policy are to be identified and discussed with the employee in person, counseled and acted upon appropriately.
  2. All leave requests are to be considered in a manner that does not negatively impact on the employee – management relationship. The language used while denying leave should be soft and always mitigate. This is quite different from an adverse remark or reprimand, for administrative purposes.
  3. In factories working on shifts and schedules, employees filling in for others on vacation, need to be adequately compensated, either monetarily or by compensatory offs, subject to suitability. Similarly, leave accrual is to be calculated.
  4. Vacation calendar is to be planned well in advance taking into consideration the academic sessions of wards of employees.
  5. Mandatory leave/vacation is to be given to employees to improve morale. A chance to recharge, refresh and rejoin work schedules with increased loyalty and enthusiasm is to be accorded to all employees.