The cloud is one of the new ways that will provide a great platform, infrastructure for any application, self-service and even for some third party. As the demand is growing high, the cloud is considered as the best medium to store the data as per the typical technology. For instance, in the case of the Human Resources department in a number of companies are highly in need of such services today. All the data will be directed hosted into the cloud and it can be accessed anytime anywhere. There are also some other reasons that the cloud hr software is so successful.

Return on investment is faster

Any company that shows interest in the software will look for the software that would payout for the business efficiently. The investment should be less as much possible but the Return on Investment and business outcomes which one can gain out of it should be more. Within a short time of implementation, the software will help you to have the best return on your investments.  

Great software with a controlled budget

The majority of the software development companies are working with the medium of cloud and one of the reasons is cost. For most of the computing projects, there the controlling of the budget becomes a great concern. However, when you are choosing the cloud HR Software, you should focus on how it can help you achieve business outcomes and performance-driven culture at the workplace. 

Track real-time productivity 

One of the most important functions of the Human Resource team is maintaining accuracy and overall track of realtime productivity. There are tools like HR Analytics by using this you can gain real-time employee insights, identify and address potential issues – facilitating better decision making. Take the right action to improve performance, instantly. In the case of the software, it will be automated and the chance for the errors will be less considerably.

Enhanced employee engagement

By 2020, 20% of organizations will include employee engagement improvement as a shared performance objective. (Source: Gartner Inc.) There is a strong correlation between employee engagement and business outcomes. Higher employee engagement tends to have an improved business outcome, increases EBIDTA margins and better customer experience. Employee engagement strategies can increase happiness quotient also it helps in retaining employees and manage attrition in the workspace. 

The benefits of information are found 24/7

As it is the software the works on the cloud storage medium, it is possible to access them anywhere anytime. With a lot of cloud HR system offering mobile apps, it has become quite beneficial for the users.

Eliminate the paperwork

In any organization, for each and every HR processes the paperwork causes huge hassles that the HR Leaders face at the workplace. It is a great way to store the information, manage the onboarding and hiring formalities by implementing Cloud HR System. 

Final thoughts

Today, with the evolution of HR technology HR processes have become smooth and easy. If you are planning to implement any HR Solution you should look at right HR Software and start making research from now for the cloud based hr software and bring out the best possible chance to grow in your business.


Are you ready to learn the secrets of employee morale? Employees’ retention and morale can directly deal with productivity and job satisfaction ratings of the business. Nowadays, Business and HR Leaders work in tandem to enhance employee morale when it starts to move to a low level. Creating positive employee morale in your working environment is key to success. It has the capability to feed high job satisfaction ratings than ever before.

The organization needs to motivate their team members in a good way of improving the product range as much as possible on a regular basis. The burden of the employees should be reduced by introducing the Enterprise HR Software for your business. 

Here are the lists of ways to promote employee morale and retention:

Get Accurate Feedback From Your Employees 

At first, the Business Leaders need to gather accurate and poignant feedback from your employees to improve the overall organizational culture. The part of the feedback is to know whether the employees are being challenged and supported in your office. Sincere and honest feedback from the employees will allow you to enhance your weaknesses and builds your strength even more. It will help you to improve the employee experience and employer branding in the market. 

Share Each And Every Situation with your Employees 

Whether the business has met success or a failure, business leaders should take a decision after the discussion with your employees and explaining to them where the organization stands. While delivering the negative news, the proper solution and encouragement should be given to the employees for avoiding such kinds of mistakes in the future. When speaking about successful projects, the employees should be appreciated for reaching furthermore success. However, once the problems nestled in your company are identified and vanished then it will create a positive impression on your employee’s mind.

Allow them to Work Flexibly 

Don’t allow your employees to feel stressed and worried. For improving the employee experience, the hrm software solutions should be introduced in your business. This software can take of the attendance records, stores employee database, take care of the recruiting process and much more. Let your employees do their work independently and avoid micromanaging the things at the workplace, which will result in the enhancement of productivity.

Increase Team Spirit 

The most excellent way for improving the employees’ morale and retention is team spirit. For Fostering a positive working environment, the employees need to move around the organizations freely and start to work in collaboration with the cross-functional teams. Companies need to focus mainly on the team environment that works well for enhancing overall productivity. A business leader should arrange for casual outings and various kinds of team building activities in your organization.

Reward the Employees for their Performance and Achievements 

Usually, the employees have spent a maximum of time in the workplace than their homes. They put a lot of effort to promote your business success and get the business outcomes. Therefore, the business leaders need to appreciate their employees for their performance and achievements by way of rewards and recognition, incentives and many more. Such kind of rewards will motivate and encourage them to enhance their skills for producing better business outcomes. 

Conduct Some Fun Activities 

Don’t allow your employees to get bored with their work. This will have a direct impact on the productivity and efficiency of your organization. The business leaders have a responsibility to boost up the employees by conducting certain kind of fun activities every Friday that allows them to rejuvenate their mind and body. 

Provide Amazing Incentives 

Incentives and salary increment is one of the easiest ways to encourage employees to work with involvement. Based on their working efficiency, the incentives should be improved periodically. Nowadays, most companies have decided to establish online hrm software for making better and informed decisions.

Once the employees get motivated, then it will encourage them to do their work efficiently. Make use of this information and increase the employee morale of your company accordingly.


Drive the future of employee experience with the HCM software in the right direction

Major organizations in recent days are giving priority to improving the employee experience as similar to the importance of increasing the client experience. Employee experience becomes necessary for every organization to shape the outcomes drastically. To increase the breadth of offering and services from the organization, HCM software is being used. 

Even the software plays a crucial role to increase the employee’s satisfaction in organizations. Businesses believe that employees are the source of front-line productivity to increase outcomes. Read this blog to know how HCM software is helpful to increase employee experience in an organization. 

What defines the term employee experience?

The term employee experience defines the lifestyle of the employee defines the possible opportunities to work under the organization. Their experience will improve when they acquire the best physical, cultural and technical environment to work peacefully. The experience of an employee creates a great meaning for them to interconnect with the organization due to meaningful purposes. To bring that best experience, businesses are looking to hire the hcm software vendors for their organization. 

1.     How Enterprise HR Solutions improve the employee experience?

HCM- Human Capital Management software is an application. It is specially designed by the developers with business ideas to help the organizations to manage and maintain their workforce. This software works to improve the idea of employees and to approach the customers to do their work best. 

There is no surprise the software can give the best home solutions to align the employee action with the organization’s desired culture. The HR and businesses of the organization can use this software to track the performance of the employees.

The Enterprise HR Solutions helps the leaders to think broadly to enhance connectivity with employees. It helps the Employees to blend their personal lives in professional work lives by finding more own opportunities presented in the organization to improve “wins”. With the hcm software, HR and management are encouraging the employees to chase their passion. 

2.     Leverage Enterprise HR Solutions to Boost Employee Experience

When it comes to business, the employee’s interaction is necessary to increase the business outcomes. Therefore, the HCM software can be used by businesses framework to monitor and satisfies the employee’s expectation to increase their experience. By utilizing the best hcm software, employees are finding opportunities to know organization services well. 

You can define the growth and evolvement of the company due to their services provided for the employees. The employee will disengage and leave the company when they are not acquiring any support from the organization to improve their new skills quickly. These hesitations are avoided due to the HCM software inclusion in enterprises. 

Enterprise HR Solutions is very helpful for businesses to find the right source for every employee to support him or her for their growth opportunities. It is the strategy used by many businesses to train and educate their employees to achieve more within a short period. It aligns in both formal and informal methods to educate the employees to develop their skills in the right way by avoiding informal actions. 

3. Design a Great Onboarding Experience

When the leaders of the organization don’t identify the blind spots in the organization, it will lead the employee to disengage. Understanding both the positive and negative impacts of the employees is necessary for leaders. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, 33 percent of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job. This can be largely attributed to their onboarding experience. 

That’s why businesses are approaching the Hcm software companies to develop software for reducing the candidate dropouts. By appointing the advanced onboarding experience, businesses are minimizing the work burden for employees to fill forms and paperwork. 

Final thoughts

With the effective Enterprise HR Solutions, you can manage each employee experience throughout their lifecycle in management. Increase the experience of each employee in your organization by supporting the right talent. 


How HR Management Software can ‘Ensure Performance’ rather than focusing on mere ‘Measuring Performance’? 

Human resource software plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of the employees engaged in the organization. The tool has come up with various kinds of talent management suites that contain scheduling, recruiting, payroll, training, and some more. Instead of measuring the performance of your company employees, you should take immediate steps to enhance their performance for reaching your business goals.Still, most companies in India have unaware of the significance of using hr management software, which will act as a key to reach success. With the help of this software, you can able to enhance the overall performance and workflow of your employees. Stay here and read further lines for grabbing some more details explanation about HR management software.

Zing Perform : Top 10 Features

Take Care Of Sensitive Information 

When comes to the organization, there is a wide range of confidential information has been included that should be protected effectively. If the organization has failed to protect the secret, then the employees may have a chance to lose faith in the company. Therefore, the business owners need to take immediate action for taking care of the secret information to create trustworthiness towards the organization.

 It is possible only by using the hr system in India that it has been come up with various encryption mechanisms to protect the data from several kinds of internal threats. It has the ability to prevent unauthorized access to your company.

Frees-up Your Busy Schedule 

After the establishment of HR management software, the time-consumption of the particular process is reduced drastically. More and more processes in the organization can be simplified and allow you to concentrate mainly on productive work. The process carried out in the company can be automated such as training, employee self-service, and some other allowances. It will result in the enhancement of productivity and work management. Furthermore, business owners have a chance to save a lot in their business expenses.

Place Talented People In Your Organization 

While hiring the new employees that do not match with your business process then it harms the overall productivity and growth. And so, the business people have started to seek the hr software companies in India to avoid such kind of serious issues. Here, the main role of this software is to find skilled and talented people in your company. 

Hiring new talents is quite beneficial to all types of businesses that need not spend any investment. This software will allow you to ensure the performance level of the employees instead of tracking and measuring it.

Proper Holiday Planning 

Leave management is one of the significant things to be notified constantly in business. The people working in this area will require a lot of skills and knowledge or avoiding serious mistakes. Therefore, effective leave management software is needed for planning the holidays effectively. Hr software is the most effective solution for the problems that you are facing currently in your organization. 

The software will calculate the annual leave of the companies effectively. Not all the employees are allowed to take leave on a particular day and this software can execute the plan accordingly. it has the capability to calculate pro-rata entitlements, take care of all holiday requests, and left-over leaves.

Reduce The Risks Factors Of Your Business 

Usually, the performance of your company gets dull due to the presence is various kinds of risk factors. Productive workflow can face a wide range of challenges that will reflect in the productivity and performance of your business. Not all the problems have been faced manually and so the human resource software should be installed for solving it effectively. 

Once the HR software is introduced in your business, then your company has zero chances to face performance problems. With the help of a wonderful option, the company can able to enhance the workflow and performance of the employees.

Make use of this information for identifying the role of HR management software in business success. Thus, these are all the significant benefits have been offered by the hr system in any type of business.  


2019 has flown by. In 2020 and beyond expect organizations to take a deep dive into AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning, Employee Engagement, HR Analytics, Focus on Diversity and Inclusion, Continuous performance feedback, Personalised Learning Experiences. Technology is holding a centre stage these days. In today’s world, the business has become dynamic and technology has become disruptive. HR tech is a $2 billion market in India, yet it amounts to only 0.5% of the global industry which is estimated at $400 billion. (Source: financialexpress.com).

  • AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be used to automate processes that are repetitive, prone to error and hypercritical. There are 50% to 60% of HR processes that can be replaced with robotic process automation like Hiring and Onboarding, Recruitment, HR Administration, Analytics and Payroll processing. Intelligence Hiring through Machine learning can establish a structured hiring and onboarding process to enable digital workplace and accelerate new-hire productivity. Machine Learning powered HCM solutions enable organizations to derive intelligent insights that help navigate these challenges, reduce the cost of a bad hire, and maximize the Return on Investment on the resource time and cost spent on hiring. 

  • Employee Engagement
    By 2020, 20% of organizations will include employee engagement improvement as a shared performance objective. (Source: Gartner Inc.) There is a strong correlation between employee engagement and business outcomes. Higher employee engagement tends to have an improved business outcome, increases EBIDTA margins and better customer experience. Employee engagement strategies can increase happiness quotient also it helps in retaining employees and manage attrition in the workspace. 
  • Continuous Performance Feedback
    The 2019 Gartner Performance Management Benchmarking Survey showed that 81% of HR leaders are making changes to performance management. 82% of HR leaders say performance management is not effective at achieving its purpose, and only 38% say it’s keeping pace with organisational goals. (Source: Gartner Inc.)A 360-degree Continuous Performance feedback management tool can enable each individual, all your teams who are a part of the organisation, to succeed in their goals. Continuous Performance Feedback is a new way of looking at the traditional employee performance reviews structure. Instead of bi-annual or Annual reviews, Continuous Performance feedback results in a more holistic and accurate picture of employee performance.
  • Personalised Learning Experiences 
    On-demand Micro-Learning has become essential for organizations to improve employee performance. It reduces attrition and fosters a collaborative work environment. Multi-lingual Learning adds to its effectiveness. L&D teams must recognize the needs of each employee and use specific knowledge about them to personalize their learning. Personalised learning is a journey and it can improve employee engagement. 
  • HR Analytics
    In today’s world, next-level HR Leaders are hypercritical and imperative for the success of fast-growing progressive Enterprises. HR Leaders are now becoming part of the boardroom bringing data to the table in decision-making conversations and making better-informed decisions. Data-driven decision making can have a huge impact on the top line and bottom line of the business.   HR Analytics empowers you to take the right action basis intelligent data insights and provide businesses with a real-time view of the HR metrics. As organizations rethink their HR processes to succeed in an agile and dynamic business environment, the continuous improvement approach will have a pervasive impact on business outcomes. 


Gamify Learning. Track Progress Real-Time. Optimize Your Workforce.

A culture of continuous learning aligns the workforce. On-demand learning has become essential for organizations to improve employee performance. It helps reduce retention and also foster a collaborative environment. Because technology is an integral part of the process, an online learning management system (LMS) is a need for the modern workforce. LMS has already proven to be worth the hype.

LMS is used to deploy a variety of learning strategies in different formats, including formal, experiential and social, so as to manage functions such as compliance, training, certification management, and sales/ marketing enablement.

Deliver an enriching and interactive experience for the modern workforce. Let’s explore how LMS is helping businesses boost employee performance.

Personalize Training Goals:

Create personalized training goals for individual employees based on training needs analysis. Training content can be personalized considering key responsibilities, skill gaps, learning goals and other criteria.

Individuals can nominate themselves for few of the corporate training and also customize their coursework and online learning. As a result, it helps in effective learner engagement and also knowledge retention.

On-demand Availability:

With an online training management system, content is made available on-demand. Learners can instantly access their course content, across multiple devices. Today we are living in the digital age, where thanks to smartphones, we have information quickly available at our fingertips.

Therefore, enterprises should be able to deploy LMS without geographical boundaries. Corporate learners must be able to access course material using their login credentials from anywhere.

Updated Training Content:

LMS can organize and store multiple course types using a range of activities and resources. As a result, this platform helps to keep your training materials up to date.

Advanced Analytics:

Furthermore, all sophisticated LMS platforms have in-built reporting and analytics. With this, you can track various aspects of the training programs. With its feature-rich applications and real-time visualization, track learner engagement trends and identify patterns.

Access Zing Learn anytime, anywhere.