Get The Smartest Way To Mark Employees’ Attendance with Zing Face Recognition Technology


Fans of Star Trek series can recollect the Enterprise recognizing voice commands from Captain James Kirk and Dr. Spock or performing retinal scans and face recognition, that was a glimpse into the future. In the 60s, face recognition technology was limited to the realm of science fiction and TV series like Star Trek, but today it is going mainstream.

Most organizations these days are using online attendance management systems to help them manage employee attendance efficiently. One of ZingHR’s disruptive innovation is the Face Recognition technology, that is enabled for employees on the move, beating the traditional challenges of real-time attendance tracking. With a GPS enabled time tracking system, Face Recognition is the smartest, mobile-centric, employee-friendly way of marking attendance.

Top benefits of adopting Face Recognition Technology:

  • Enabled for specific situations and multiple locations
  • Identity access processes are auto approved
  • Real-time field sales force members availability at specific locations in beat root plans.
  • Auto attendance management linked to compulsory presence in locations/plants
  • Eliminate biometric fingerprint with a far more accurate face recognition based identity management system
  • Auto-identify and tag employees across multiple authorized locations/plants/site etc. to achieve auto compliance

Organizations can now collect real-time data with 95% accuracy and reduce the excessive hardware costs across locations for attendance tracking. ZingHR’s Face Recognition technology can detect and identify multiple faces at once!

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