Blockchain & Future of HR Tech In Companies

About Blockchain 

A blockchain is Decentralized database shared among a network of computers, all of which must approve an exchange before it can be recorded. 

Mr. Rajesh Dhuddu 

Blockchain & Cybersec Leader | Forbes 

Blockchain 50 | Thinkers360 Top 5 | 

Tedx Speaker Tech Mahindra  

“In terms of blockchain see, there’s a paper that I wrote which was published by the World Economic Forum, which said in terms of what are the key misconceptions about the blockchain to be avoided. Even in a digitally evolved kind of a world that’s where Blockchain is going to come in, where then if you create let’s say a closed loop system wherein all the participating companies will provide information will feed the information.” 

Mr. Raj A Kapoor 

Founder At India Blockchain Alliance | 

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Accelerator Specialist 

“I have always been telling guys and I’ve been involved in Blockchain, now since about 9 years. It’s quite a long time now. Earlier, the Bitcoin was the first attractive feature, which we really started looking at. The underlying technology is actually much, much, much better and that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today. I’ll talk a little bit about Blockchain and my point of your game and always, I say we, we’ll always agree to disagree on many, many things I’ve been working a lot. Blockchain is just like the proverbial do not put all your eggs in one basket scenario syndrome so to speak.” 

Prasanna Lohar 

Head Technology – Digital | 

Innovation | Architecture 

DCB Bank 

“Banking operations so I think in a nutshell. I think it will never go public. Blockchain, unless there is an AP 2 different kind of a use case or different model will come from the regulator. Then only will go for a public blockchain kind of a use case is what we have seen earlier adoption of a blockchain technology was inherently into the Crypto currencies. Say Bitcoin Ethereum, which are typically called as a public blockchains or a blockchain, which you me and can download and start transacting provided in which country you are staying and what regulators are really recommending around?”