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The ‘leave’ scenario is definitely one of the most challenging predicaments faced by an HR.  Employees often raise a request for leave because everyone loves a break! However, an office runs on practical reasons, and it may not be possible for you to assign the leave. Again, you may really feel the employee needs the break. Leave approvals are actually great ways to boost staff morale, when used judiciously.

A balanced approach

Following a balanced approach in official decisions is vital to ensure top level productivity from the staffs. At times, it can be impossible to grant the leave depending on a feeble reason. At other times, the reasons can be so compelling that denying the leave can seriously hamper staff morale.
A suitable Leave Management System effectively organizes the entire process. It enables multiple level workflows for leave applications so that the supervisors can carefully evaluate the applications. In fact, supervisors can attend to their official responsibilities even when they are on leave. A good software for leave management is accessible from mobiles as well.  The HR is never out of touch and can take effective decisions based on leave history of the employee.

Evaluating leave history

Employees are obviously accountable according to the leave history. Checking the history of absence also allows the supervisor with the information necessary to grant the leave application. Certain circumstances (such as medical emergencies) require speedy execution of the approval process. Check whether the software for leave management can provide immediate access to the leave history from the staff.
As a company grows, it enacts strictest protocols of approving leave applications. Small services can manage it well with a one-tier process. However, big organizations have multi-tier systems for approving the applications. The software speeds up the entire process by virtue of a systematic approach.

Mandatory holidays calendar

Multinational organizations need to manage mandatory holidays depending on varied geographical locations. This entails the need of efficient allocation of resources so that the business continues unbroken. Essentially, when the staffs are at a leave at a particular location, the HR manager needs to assign their work to employees at another location.
Local and national holiday dates should be taken into consideration. Sometimes, local festivals can run for several days at a stretch. Adequate work allocation during these intervals is vital. The Leave Management System can effectively assist with the purpose. Check whether the provider has multiple packages. Choose the one that is most compatible with your requirements.

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