Automated and Intelligent Employee Leave Management System


Are you tired of maintaining different sheets to keep tab of your employees’ attendance?
Are you looking for a simple solution to keep track of your employees’ leave, attendance and check-in time from anywhere in the world?
Your search ends here! Presenting ZingHR’s Employee Leave Management System. A cloud-based flexible software, essential for companies looking to improve time management while increasing employee efficiency and productivity.
Now access real-time dashboards and capture leave, time and attendance easily in multiple ways. Enjoy freedom because of better control on Opex, through cloud computing.
ZingHR Employee Leave Management System is an online platform designed to help companies tackle problems pertaining to abrupt non-availability of employees due to various reasons, and ensure a smooth functioning of the business operations. Discover how you can simplify your leave management on the go and enhance employee productivity with ZingHR, today!
Employees can register their attendance/punch in from anywhere in the world while using the online platform. Work flexibly on the system to mark outdoors/work from home/extra time etc. This gives the HR Manager an instant, real-time view and status of employee availability, as well as a consolidated view of the attendance in the present month, also download reports to assess any employee’s attendance at any point in time. In addition to this, auto SMS alerts give the organization an overview of manpower availability on a daily basis.
The online leave management software empowers the modern workforce with the amazing flexibility to apply all their leaves from mobile. Set your company’s attendance right and minimize the risk of your productivity finally with ZingHR’s Leave Management Software.
Ensure higher efficiency and productivity of the organization with online employee management system. To conclude, ZingHR’s intuitive and friendly software system design can help you measure the time spent on creating business value along with solutions for every business challenge for employees, on mobile.

Features of the ZingHR Employee Leave Management System:

  • Integrated Resource Availability View
  • Flexibility in designing Leave Workflows
  • Online Leave Request Process
  • Multi-Mode Approval Processes enabled
  • Historical Data Availability with Audit Trails
  • Custom Holiday Calendar Policies
  • Best Practice Leave Builder Admin Configurator

Simplify the entire leave management experience with ZingHR’s online leave management software. Managing employee leaves has never been this easy!

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