How Do We Create Employee Exuberance During Tough Times in An Organization?


A business, no matter how big or small, in the end, it is always backed up by their employees. Now the question is what do organizations do to boost employee morale when the going gets tough? At this point, most companies think that even employing people during the COVID crisis is a big thing, well, it’s not. To make sure that your everyday targets are achieved you need to show your employees that you care about them. Before we take a deep dive into the do’s & don’ts lets understand the role of an HR or HRMS in an organization. It is often mistaken that an HR’s only role is to hire & fire, which is a huge misconception to have. An HR is responsible for the entire life cycle of an employee in an organization from onboarding to training to supporting employees & having a hand in performance appraisals, they play a huge role. In difficult times companies need to make sure that the following steps are kept in mind to help keep the organization lively & the employees at their best performance.

Communicate with absolute transparency

Communication is key to everything, be it good or bad. Your employees need to understand the kind of crisis the company is facing too as it plays a huge role in how they react to the situation. It is always better to have a direct conversation about the situation than have the employees believe in false rumours. The structure of communication must first address the problem, then go about how the organization plans on resolving it & lastly how they plan on moving forward. While having such conversations one must keep in mind to exude confidence & keep a positive mindset.

Appreciating their work

Giving employees recognition to your employees, especially during difficult times acts as an excellent motivator. Appreciate your employees not just for the results they give but also for the effort they’ve put in to make something happen. Appreciating in person is a motivator but appreciating them with everyone around uplifts them even more, everything doesn’t have to be materialistic!

Ask for feedback

Companies must know that employees play a big role & involving them in decision making by asking them for continuous feedback will not just bring you great insights but will also have your employees believe that they matter. Suggestions no matter how small must always be put into consideration. It can help bring a completely different perspective which could be good for the company. No company should think of their employees as disposable & replaceable. Your job is to notice how valuable they are and how you can both benefit from this relationship. As soon as you show them that they are here for a reason and that you care, they will be motivated to work harder and they will certainly be much happier to come to work every day.

Celebrate large & small wins

It is effortless to think about all the wrong outcomes that you happen with every goal that is listed out, but companies need to understand that no matter how small of a victory it is, a victory is a victory. During times of crisis, you need to celebrate things both big & small to keep your employees to perform better every day. Reinvigorating your team with positivity will help boost morale during tough times. As a result, you will see more confidence and productivity in your team. All companies go through highs & lows. But it is only those who learn how to ride out the difficult times that will succeed. And, a huge part of this is keeping your employees on board, believing in your vision, and working together as a team to come out the other side.