CHRO- Role in 2020


Being a CHRO is a very important thing as you are responsible for the working of several important things and you are an integral part of the organization. 2020 has brought a set of challenges and the role of CHRO must have an enhanced role as well.

Strategy Building Partners

A CHRO will be responsible in assisting the CEO’s in developing the strategies for the coming years. Whether it is related to talent acquisition or it is related to the growth of the business, a CHRO will be responsible for building strategies.

Embrace Digital Transformation

The CHRO is one of the responsible forces behind the deployment of AI and automation as it will optimize the process for your workforce. The CHRO must embrace this new transformation and be the flag bearer for the workforce.

Learn new Skills & Expand Your Horizon

The CHRO’s must practise one of the most important things and that is upskilling. A CHRO’s can do multiple things and it is necessary for you to know these things whenever required. Thus, it is better to upskill and learn these skills.

Convert HR into a Global Function

As a CHRO you will be expected to monitor HR as a global function and not as a traditional model as it used to be. With advancements in various sectors, as a CHRO you must also make sure of the smooth global functioning.

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