HR Analytics-Make Better Informed Decisions

HR Analytics-Make Better Informed Decisions

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HR Manager

I wanted to know what HR Analytics is all about. Can you please tell me?

HR analytics will help you make better informed decisions to attract, onboard and engage with the right talent, which improves your ROI.

HR Manager

Please can you tell me some of the key features?

Sure. You get to choose from 175 standard report formats and you can also define reports as per the customer needs.

You can slice and dice the data which will help you in the decision making process.

HR Manager

What about the previews? And Historical Reports?

Oh Yes! Comprehensive Previews are available and they can be exported in excel format. Also, Historical reports are available and the CXO’s can easily view the data.

HR Manager

Wow, I am actually very impressed by this. How can I learn more about it?

 To learn more, please click on the link given above.


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