Zing Goes Fluent In A Multilingual World!


HR Manager

I work in a multinational company and my staff consists of people who speak different languages.

I want my HR app to be available in different languages so it will be convenient for my employees.

I am pretty sure I can help you with that. ZingHR has a multilingual mobile app which can cater to your needs.

You can choose from 22 global languages and enhance your HR experiences.

HR Manager

Can you tell me some of the languages that are available?

Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Hebrew, Turkish, German etc. are some of the languages that are available.

HR Manager

 What else?

The fully integrated ZingHR Mobile App gives convenience to over 1 M plus employees across companies worldwide.

HR Manager

This would actually be helpful to me.

It actually would be pretty helpful. Click the link to know more.

Link:  https://bit.ly/2LLIMpn

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