Shift to the smarter, new age Cloud based HCM solution – Part 2


Shift to the smarter, new age, Cloud HCM solution. Read to know about the amazing advantages.
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Key benefits of the New Age Cloud HCM Solution are:

1. Reduced Investments & Cost Optimization:

Organizations no longer need to invest in acquiring a software application or an operating system with an environment or configuration to support the same. Nor is there a need to invest in infrastructure for servers, storage etc.
Due to cloud, everything is available on the web server. And cloud platforms are reasonably priced. Hence, they are helping businesses optimize costs and invest funds in their core competencies.

2. Ubiquitous:

Cloud HCM is omnipresent. Therefore, access Organizational Data, Employee Data, Masters, Records, Claims, Payslips etc., anytime, from any where in the world

3. Device Platform Independence:

Most of the websites and portals are now optimized for Mobile, or available as a Mobile App. Also, with concepts like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Cloud HCM solution brings device platform independence to the table. This is very important for every modern day organization. An HR Executive can access the data from the HCM Portal from the web as and when required, on any device.

4. Mobility:

Employees these days use hand held devices rather than the laptop or desktop as their jobs involve rigorous travel, meetings etc.,
They find it convenient to access the portals on their Smart Phones/tablet. Cloud HCM offers mobility because it is available on-the-go for employees and HR professionals.

5. Automating Employee Oriented Services:

On-site resources can mark attendance, apply for leaves, outdoors, regularization, claims etc., smoothly. Thanks to the Cloud Based HCM and Mobile Apps. They no longer have to visit the branch or nearest office location for these requests. In addition, the help desk can be configured to help them raise and track tickets on various issues.

6. Access as per authorization and smoother collaboration:

Employees don’t have to be at the office for their payslips, personal documents, tax documents, TDS formalities etc.
Since these documents are available on any device, at any time. They can access their account as per their grade and at the same time, use the system to collaborate with their colleagues in a much smoother way.
To conclude, these are a few of the many benefits that an efficient and effective cloud based HCM brings to the table. With its robust platform and amazingly simple, easy to use environment, ZingHR serves the purpose of a modern age cloud HCM software. It offers one stop solution for all your “Hire to Retire” employee life cycle management needs. Furthermore, features like Geo Tagging and Geo Fencing are empowering the modern workforce.

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