How is the HR function is evolving in tough times and why it is a more critical function now?


The human resource department has a difficult job in this pandemic. According to the survey, more than 50% of the HR leaders struggled to ensure that employees had the necessary skills to adapt to the digitized workplace. They are adapting to the culture of remote work. They are responsible for taking care of the entire organization.


With the help of evolving technology, HR has become an integral part of an organization. It is humanly not possible to take care of thousands of employees at the same time. With the help of HR tech, it is possible to measure the outcomes of the workforce.

Learning and Development

Learning and development for the new and existing employees to keep up to date in their respective fields. Providing the best onboarding experience to employees.Providing feedback to the team on a timely basis. 

The Future of Remote Work

When it comes to remote work, the right HRTech tools are essential to make a job happen. Working from home can be stressful many times. HR must conduct virtual meetings and discussions to manage the employees wellbeing.

Employee Retention

Retaining the best employees is a challenging task, especially in a tough time like Covid. It’s the HR responsibility to maintain the best employees by providing a considerable amount of trust and empathy.

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