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HR & Payroll Software In India

The term HR and payroll software can be described as a software system that takes care of the payroll-related work done by your HR. The thing with these systems is that they are highly flexible and user-friendly. These systems are as simple as it gets. Such software takes care of all the requirements that you may have, concerning all the information of your employees as well as their salary calculation. These systems are capable of taking care of your compliance work as well. They can perform a wide range of functions:

  • capturing all the records of the employees
  • tracking leave balances
  • computing payout and salary reconciliation
  • generating all MIS (management information systems) and statutory reports

Any HR payroll software India can also be described as a comprehensive report and letter writing tool as well. It can generate a bank statement for direct salary transfer. It can define allowances deduction and variable pay. It can take care of your salary reconciliation and comparison as well. These systems also deal with leave reimbursement and loan management. They are also capable of dealing with tax projection and pay-slip related work. They can email these automatically as well. They can also take care of statutory compliance such as PF (provident fund) and ESIC (employees’ state insurance).

These systems are also great when it comes to being employee information systems. This means that you can get all the information you want about various employees as and when you want, and from where you want.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities

Benefits Of HR &Payroll Software

One of the biggest benefits of HR and payroll software India is that it acts as a comprehensive EIS (employee information system). This means that you get all the basic information about your employees such as their qualification, early work experience, and past salaries, etc. Needless to say, that these systems can calculate the salaries of each person working in your organization. These systems use various methods of salary calculation such as annual, 30 days, and calendar, etc. They also exclude the days when the employees had off days. These systems are highly accurate as well and they can generate payslips as well.  

How Does HR & Payroll Software Work?

The best HR and payroll software is capable of doing a wide range of work. It can calculate the arrears of your employees and generate bank statements for the payments being made to them. It can calculate the TDS (tax deducted at source) for the purpose of income tax calculations. It can import existing data such as past records and write letters as well. It can generate data in the form of charts as well. It can work out the full and final settlement of your employees who are leaving the organization. It can also write reports and look after statutory compliance.


Any company that has a certain number of people working over there and wants to get payroll work done properly can use the best HR payroll software.

Any HR and payroll management software is available in a wide range of plans that come with their own features and facilities.

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