Choosing the best HR & Payroll Software in 2021


When your HR team seems to be overburdened with paperwork and manual HR tasks, opting for the best HR software seems to be the best decision for your company in Malaysia. For improved productivity, your Human resource management team must have free time so they can interact with other employees to improve their working environment. 

The majority of best HR software in Malaysia comes with distinct accounting solutions that allow automation of HR tasks without filling papers and striking a colossal pile of papers on the HR office. Below are tips for choosing the best HR solutions.

The most important thing to consider when choosing the best HR software in Malaysia is the level of security. Remember, there is so much sensitive information you’ll need to include on the HR software, and in case of a cyber-attack, it can compromise your firms’ safety and that of your employees. 

What will happen if the attacker lays their hand on tax file numbers, employment history, medical records, background probity check information, home addresses, dates of birth, or bank account details recorded on your HR software? Therefore, you should opt for an HR software vendor with a cloud-based storage solution and the highest security level. A team of experts must also manage the servers. 

Equipped with Onboarding tools

Let’s assume at the beginning of your company, you had only three employees. Today, over 100 employees are relying on you. Furthermore, some of these employees will be moving from your companies while at the same time, you’ll be interviewing new employees for the vacant posts. Therefore, we recommend choosing the best HR software in Malaysia with integrated paperless onboarding tools capable of performing the following HR tasks.

  • Preparing and sending letters of offer
  • Creating and using compliant templates
  • Tracking status of new employees during the boarding process
  • Developing induction contents
  • Uses electronic signatures

HR & Payroll Integration

When you look into your HR information, you’ll discover there is a lot of information. Also, the Payroll data is quite extensive. That’s why the best HR software should integrate the HR and Payroll information for easy access. For instance, ZingHR offers the best integration where the system automatically reconciles incoming payroll information with the HR records to allow easy compilation of the report.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Every year, employees are expected to file their Tax returns which means you’ll have to send them P9 forms. Also, there are times when employees have to rely on the HR department to get essential HR services. All these times wasted and inconvenience caused by doing things the analog ways amounts to losses for any firm. 

However, with the new HR solutions, an employee portal where they can log in and access any information, they need from any means flow of events and employee satiation. The employee self-service functionality allows workers to access their information, including payslips, whenever they need it.

Other tips for Choosing the best HR & Payroll Software in 2021 that we haven’t mentioned above include;

  • Mobility & accessibility
  • Easily customizable HR Software 
  • Complies with Malaysia legislation
  • Time & attendance management

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