What Kind Of Jobs Will Pop Up in The New Normal Economy ?


The job market has been badly hit by COVID-19. People have been losing their jobs and almost all of the sectors have been affected by this pandemic. There might be certain sectors which might still be up and running after the pandemic slows down.
Here is a list of the verticals that will still have job openings after the pandemic.

This pandemic has taken a toll on the global economy and is the cause of recession. This has resulted in loss of jobs for a lot of people working in different industries. After the pandemic ends, some industries might still be stable and offering jobs.

Boost in E-Commerce

With people opting not to go outdoors to buy things as a precautionary measure, this will boost the business of e-commerce industries. People will order things at home and get it delivered to them.

IT is Still Up And Running

People have been working from home and one the best examples is the video communicating platforms which are performing really well. The IT industries will still be running in the future and the jobs would not slow down.

Healthcare Industry will Grow

The healthcare industry will definitely show growth during and after the pandemic is over. Whether it’s healthcare or its pharmaceutical, the jobs in both will be on a rise after normality is restored.

Learning is Earning

The Online training industry (can be anything, from cooking to education) can also profit from this situation. People have started using their time at home to learn new things online and the jobs will surely increase due to the same.

Source Of Entertainment

Be it Gaming industry or the online streaming platforms, the consumption of it has drastically increased as people have been staying home. Don’t be surprised if this surge continues in the future.

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