How to Avoid Fake News & Digital ‘Infodemic’ During Critical Times


Panic and Chaos are things which can easily be spread in today’s world. Spreading it will cause unrest amongst people.The spreading of fake news plays a major factor in this and this should be curbed to avoid panic.

Check The Origination of The Scoop

Always check the source. Make sure that the source of the news is verified and credible. If it is otherwise, make sure to not believe it and ignore the news.

Stay Away From Parody/ Fake Social Media Accounts

There are a lot of social media accounts which have the look and feel of being original but are not. It is necessary to see the verified symbol before believing the news originated by these “social media accounts. ”

Sometimes It is Good to be a Grammar Freak

Most of the legit journalists would REFRAIN from making grammatical errors, be it spelling mistakes or punctuation mistakes. Look out for such mistakes as it can be an indication that
the news is fake.

Don’t Be The Reason Behind Fake News Getting Viral

If you are UNSURE whether the news is fake or legit, make sure to check the credibility before sharing it. DO NOT share the news if you think it is fake.

Report Fake News Once Detected

It should be our MORAL obligation towards society to take a step against such fake news.
If we are certain that the news is fake and it might cause panic, we should report it before it becomes viral.

Only Trust The Valid Resources

During these pandemic times Government and WHO can be the only two resources that you can trust. Only trust the facts and figures which have been published by them. These articles will be as accurate as it comes.

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