Facial Recognition Attendance To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Curve


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Experience Facial Recognition Technology using ZingHR’s Face Recognition attendance and transform your workplace experience.

HR Manager

I want my employees to have their documents stored and feel safe about it. I have no idea how I can provide a solution to this.

It is definitely possible. ZingHr has come up with the facial recognition attendance tracker.

HR Manager

Can you please tell me more about it?

You can mark your attendance on the go with built in GPS,Track your employee’s attendance and also you can tag employees across multiple locations.

Not to forget that it can detect multiple faces in one go.

HR Manager

Are there any monetary profits?

Of course.You can reduce excess hardware costs across locations.

HR Manager

What about the accuracy?

With the perfect background and light, the accuracy is around 95%.

HR Manager

Wow I am really impressed and this will be very helpful.

Oh Yes! It will also help you achieve your business objectives.. Click on the given link to know more.

Link- https://bit.ly/2LLlMpn

Covid-19 has had a negative effect not only on the economy but almost all the industries and households. Yes, there will be post Covid-19 effects but it is not something we cannot fight. With the right strategy and right state of mind, we can survive the effects and come out stronger.

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