People, Profit, Planet and HR

Taking the Triple Bottom Line beyond just Words

The measure of good HR practices has been their ability to drive the bottom line. Over the years, companies and businesses have moved away from focusing purely on the financial bottom-line to something more wholesome, more sustainable. And so, a couple of decades ago, the triple bottom line or the 3 Ps was coined – People, Profit, and Planet. While this is an attractive goal for all businesses, there is no industry that belongs so perfectly withing the realm of the 3 Ps as HR. We, at ZingHR, have a very clear take on this.

People and HR

At the very center of Human Resources are the People. A successful HR practice is aimed at improving the employee experience and empowering employees. At ZingHR, we believe in automating and digitizing processes through solutions such as quick apply/approvals for Hybrid Work Mode, Multi-mode attendance, leave applications, Investment declarations, and submissions – so that the employees feel less burdened by tedious admin work and they have more time to be productive and engaged at work.

If your HR practices are not working for the people, they are not working at all. The happiness and satisfaction of your employees is the best compass to your success and ZingHR has designed every solution around this diktat.

Profits and HR

The correlation between better HR and revenue and profit margins has long been established. The best HR practices today are those that give each business the best outcomes.

Zing HCM helps organizations increase profits by the use of innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies – OKRs help drive Alignment and Engagement; while our exhaustive PMS system shifts focus from measuring to ensuring performance. We do this through Goal setting, continuous check-ins, OKRs, Talent Analytics, and Rewards and Recognition.

It is now increasingly seen that behind steadily rising EBITDA margins are skilled HR practices that have focused on employee retention, recruiting, talent management, leadership development, and performance management. Forward-looking CXO’s choose ZingHR to increase their EBITDA margins and positively impact business outcomes while increasing people engagement and building a culture of trust & transparency.

Planet and HR

Any HRM plays a key role in establishing the company’s core values and building a culture of positive social and environmental responsibility and compliance.

Knowing this, ZingHR believes creating sustainable models is a responsibility, hence our robust Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) model can be applied to any HR system so that you entrench ESG values throughout your business. From providing vision and strategy guidance to leadership, and helping set ESG KPIs and OKRs for performance

management, to ESG Training and Engagement through surveys and Rewards and Recognition – ZingHR has a well thought out ESG strategy that can be adopted and implemented with ease.

To summarize, the best HR practices are defined by the best outcomes, and the best outcomes are always focused on the 3 Ps – People, Profit, and Planet.

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