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*Features/modules that can be implemented within a day & Free usage in April, May and June 2020.


Manage your Work From Home Employees on the go with Geo-Fencing

Collaborate and Manage Employees

Enabling Business to Ensure Performance and Productivity

Digitally Connected Workforce

Transform the Future of Work with a Digitally Connected Workforce

Improve Employee Efficiency

Be Mindful of People Work Timing

Help-Desk Management

Allow your Employees to Send Queries and Address your Employees Across the Globe.

Efficient Monitoring and Tracking

Track Employees Needs, Issues and Interactions

Proactive Interventions

Better Problem Resolution

Organise Employee Requests

Push Notifications Mass Messaging

Stay Connected with your Employees and Share Real-time Updates.

Get Engagement Analytics

Engage users on a single platform & communicate with them on the different touchpoint


Personalize user interactions in a single tool, directing users to output-oriented action

Target Mass Audience

Send communications about company announcements, launches and much more

Rewards & Recognition

Improve your employee productivity and motivation by putting them in the spotlight.

Live Feed and Badges with Configurable Images


Leaderboard with Ranking System

My Profile with Number of Badges and Smiles Collected

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Video Interviews

Go virtual to avoid candidate and interviewers meeting face to face.

Human-less Interviews

Objective Questions for Technical scores and Improved analytics for intellegent hiring

Improved Candidate Experience

Real-time Emotions Analysis with Personality assessment using speech

Multiple Parallel Interviews

Along with Assessment Recording and automate the recruiting process

AI-Powered Bots

Our friendly neighborhood bot to solve your queries related to attendace, helpdesketc.

Effective On-boarding

New employees can interact with the chatbot for any doubts about the new company policies, probation period, leaves etc.

Faster Decision Making

With easy access to information employees can make better and faster decisions.

Higher Satisfaction

Chatbots can help gauge employee sentiment and build a company culture that is strategically aligned with the organisation's goals.

Learning - Upgrade Skills

Ensure Contactless Knowledge and Information Dissemination with Multilingual Mobile-based Learning.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Leverage the collaborative tools like forum discussions, wikis to improve communication and collaboration within the teams.

Create Engaging Learning Experiences

e-Learning with gamification can truly create a rich, interactive and engaging learning experience.

Boost Employee Performance

On-demand learning has become essential for organizations to boost employee performance.

Zero Touch Payroll

With Zero-Touch Payroll Reduce Human Errors, Get Continuous Smart Calculations, Trends and Business Intelligence.

Real-Time Insights

Provides CXOs with Real-time Access to Salary Dashboards, Insights and Trends

Reduced Processes

Eliminates Additional Salary Generation Processes

Increased Efficiency

Manage Complex Compliance Requirements and Increase Operational Efficiencies

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Minimizing the Complexity of Payroll and Compliance Services with our End to End Payroll Management

Access Real-time Payroll Data

Consistency of Service

Ensure Compliance and Data Security

Monitor and Track

Surveys: App, Email, SMS

Stay in Touch and Show that you Care

Multi-mode: App, Mail, SMS

Get Actionable Insights

Digital Onboarding

Go digital and conduct your interviews without worrying about the location.

Reduce Attrition

Effective onboarding helps build a strong foundation and better relationships, there by reducing attrition for an organization.

Go Paperless

Adhaar based KYC verification on Mobile makes the entire documentation process convenient and paperless.

Build Employer Brand

Delivering a user-friendly experience even before an employee is onboard helps builds trust and employer brand.

Digital Locker

Store, Access, Share and Tag Documents For Your Life Events Digitally.

Quick Turnaround Time

Share the Documents on the Move Which, In Turn, Reduces TAT

Access Anytime and Anywhere

Ensures Easy Availability of Documents Online, Anytime and Anywhere

Safe and Secure

Provides Safe and Secure Access to Documents with Complete Privacy

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