It is generally believed that “Teamwork makes the dream work” and companies today, are no different!

The driving force in any organization is its workforce. Their dedication and efforts help achieve company objectives and enhance the business performance. Hence, every organization must ensure that while hiring a candidate, he/she understands the core values. The organizations’ business objectives and ethics must be clearly defined and communicated. However, in traditional onboarding processes, this is generally ignored, leading to employee dissatisfaction. This can also clearly lead to high attrition.

That’s where the Zing Onboarding Mobile App can help employers. Effortlessly collaborate, digitally onboard employees and reduce attrition. Create a smooth, engaging and compelling experience for employees even before they join.

With Zing Onboarding Mobile App, you can:

  • Use voice command to fill out forms
  • Receive pre-onboarding training support
  • Print joining kits for candidates
  • Use employer login for instant employee creation
  • Notify employees on-the-go
  • Get real-time candidate status and statistics

The on-cloud, secured and customized digital onboarding platform offers features like:

  • Paperless onboarding
  • eKYC integration for instant employee verification
  • Maximizes candidate engagement
  • Reduces candidate dropouts and thus,
  • Drives impactful results.

Imagine a mobile app where candidates are given the facility to accept and submit their offer letter digitally. They also can upload other documents and update personal information. They can engage, connect and chat with the employer. Organizations can take notch it up with a gamified experience.

Take your company’s technological presence a step further. Digital Onboarding mobile app also allows employers to put up pre-onboarding training calendars. Candidates can go through and learn from this information before their joining date. Thus, the app works as a perfect platform for information exchange. This results in better workflow management, and employee retention, in the long run.

Interactive and intuitive Onboarding app is the perfect way to onboard employees today!

Get in touch today and let us help you engage your employees even before they get onboard.


Choosing the right HRMS platform is of utmost importance for competitive organizations. It plays a crucial role in automating HR processes, thus ensuring smoother work flow. It must allow the HR/Managers to access workplace and performance insights. ZingHR, lists the key features that an HR Management Software must have –

1) Time and Attendance Management

This feature helps businesses understand the workforce availability real-time. The total time spent by an employee on a given task/project can be effortlessly calculated with T&A module. This also assists in recording absenteeism, and accurate payroll processing.

2) Payroll

Process payroll faster while maintaining high accuracy. Process complex payrolls by synchronizing employee data with payroll details. Hence ensuring error-free timely payments and statutory compliance.

3) Recruitment

The software for HR Management simplifies the traditionally lengthy recruitment process. The modern HR needs a faster and futuristic recruitment process on a low cost. Hence, opt for features like manpower planning, multi-channel sourcing, interview scheduling etc.

4) Self – Service Portal

The self service portal lets employees edit/update their personal information. This facilitates quick updates and ensures information accuracy. Employees can view and download their payslips, employee handbook etc.

Important documents can be uploaded/accessed by the HR Manager and the employee. Therefore, employees no longer have to wait for HR to make changes to their personal data.

5) Claims & Re-Imbursements

Streamline mobile, travel and expense claims with this feature. Since the HR software can configure claims as per the company policy and the employee levels. Furthermore, this way, the company can validate employee efforts and claims.

6) Leave Management

It is one of most essential features of a good HR Management Software. Gone are the days when you had to go through email leave requests to keep track of employee leaves.
It is especially relevant for the HR Manager, who now gets a real-time view of the employees at work. It enables easy resource allocation of tasks/projects. In addition he/she can easily customize holiday calendars for different countries, leave policies, regularizations, etc.
Moreover, an employee can log in to the software at any time to view their leave status, historical data and apply leaves.

7) Employee Creation and Database Management

Use the manual and automated pre-hire data capture functionality. Complete the employee creation process in less than 10 minutes. The recruiter has to as enter in quick fields to welcome the new employee onboard smoothly.

To summarize, the right HR Management Software can increase transparency and improve your bottom line. As a result, a feature-rich web based HR Software is essential for the workforce of today.


Employee Onboarding is the first of the five key elements of a talent management system. It comes as no surprise what an effective onboarding program can do for your new hires. Furthermore, onboarding offers the best opportunity for improving the employer brand.

Why is Employee Onboarding important for your business?

Many surveys have highlighted the benefits for the organization. It minimizes significant costs in addition to increasing employee productivity, reducing employee turnover, etc.

  • 33% of new hires look for a new job within the first 6 months (more among millennials)
  • 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first forty-five days of employment
  • Employee turnover costs are estimated to range between 100% and 300% of the replaced employee’s salary [Source: tlnt.com].
  • 60% of managers who fail to onboard successfully cite failure to establish effective working relationships.  [Source: SHRM]

How can organizations enhance the new employee’s experience?

Create a structured onboarding program. Integrate values and culture through the onboarding experience. Support business goals in addition to aligning talent to the business strategy for goal clarity.

Best-in-class companies are more likely to invest in onboarding. Due to which, new employees at these companies are more likely to:

  • Stay at the company for at least one year
  • Meet or exceed corporate productivity goals
  • Become corporate leaders or influencers

[Source: Allied Workforce Mobility Survey]

How do you build a compelling onboarding experience for your new hires?

  • Onboard first, hire later

Onboarding starts before you even hire a candidate. The candidate is already introduced to your organization. Since he/she is constantly evaluating the culture, an onboarding process must ensure that you provide the best first impression to the candidate. An effective onboarding program goes a long way in improving employee engagement and retention.

  • Simplify documentation

Create a smooth first day at work for the new hire. Streamline the documentation process before the candidate joins. Hence, adopt a digital employee onboarding  approach. Interact and engage an employee from the day he/she receives the offer letter. The benefits of a Digital Onboarding app, is that it is instant, secure and paperless. It lets you create a checklist and ensures all the documents are in place. In addition, get the paperwork out of the way!

  • Recognition and Appreciation

67% of employers don’t offer recognition during onboarding! There’s a clear direct link between early engagement for new hires, long-term retention and increased productivity [Source: humanresourcestoday.com]. Hence, for maximized success in achieving the business goals, it is imperative to engage employees at an early stage. Recognition and appreciation can help to create the best first impression of the organization for the new hire.

  • Create opportunities for growth and development

Employees quit organizations because they perceive lack of growth and development opportunities. Hence, managers must make sure that employees are engaged and motivated. Overcoming challenges and achieving newer milestones help employees grow. Therefore, create a training schedule for your new hires. This highlights their growth journey in the organization. As a result, it makes them feel motivated and connected.

How do you make this process effortless?

ZingHR’s Digital Onboarding App on Mobile helps make this process digital and effortless. Furthermore, ensuring an instant and smoother onboarding experience. Read on for especially relevant benefits:

  • Aadhaar based eKYC for Employee verification
  • View and Download Offer Letter
  • Candidate training calendar
  • Share the joining checklist
  • Review compensation details
  • Go paperless with digital document submission functionality

An effective onboarding program goes a long way in improving retention. A happy workforce equals enhanced productivity and as a result, maximized success!

Looking for a Digital Onboarding platform for your organization? Let’s talk!


Businesses are evolving every second. With the advancements in technology, the role of HR is, as a result, undergoing a radical change. Cloud Human Resource Solution is enabling HR to be a Business Partner.

In 2017, close to 40% of the 300+ companies surveyed by PwC have moved their core applications to the cloud. One-third of the rest are currently planning their migration. Among on-premise core HR application users, as much as one-third are to adopt cloud in the next 12–18 months. Especially relevant top motivating factors: Software innovation, quick releases (70%), less IT dependency (50%). [Source: PwC HR Technology Survey, August 2017].

The new age HR is prioritizing efficiency in processes. This, consequently helps drive business outcomes. HR has to embrace tech to enhance employee productivity and drive high performance. Irrespective of the organization size, Cloud Human Resource Solution can transform people performance.


Organizations opt for cloud based HR systems because it helps bridge the process efficiency gap. Therefore, there is a direct link between cloud implementation and the use of self-service tools. The surveyed companies reported as much as 52% increase in employee usage, and 47% increase in managers using self-service tools – PwC.

There are no restraints in terms of – data, technology, resources or time. Hence, Cloud Human Resource Solution has made it easier for companies to be more efficient.

4 key benefits of ZingHR’s Cloud Human Resource Solution for businesses:

1. Increased Efficiency:

While talent competitiveness increases, HR services need to be more effective and instantaneous. Advanced HR technology can drive talent acquisition, digital engagement, training, retention etc. effectively. Increased efficiency, furthermore, pushes organizations to scale up. It prepares organizations for challenges.

2. Employee Engagement and Collaboration:

The digital world has made collaboration and communication easier and faster for employees. Positive environment and high employee satisfaction is important for high workplace productivity. Features like collaboration tools (chats, workplace social) lets employees work on the move. The self service portal lets employees update their data, apply for leaves and do a lot more. Hence, the entire solution simplified, and in one place, helps to keep the workforce engaged.

3. Critical Decisions made with ease:

Managers have to make critical decisions with a strong focus on the long term business goals. The HR cloud software provides a holistic view of the workforce on a single platform. Therefore, managers and business owners get real-time insights to take the right decisions. Cloud based HR systems present the analysis in the form of dashboards, reports and charts.

4. Fosters flexibility and scalability:

Using multiple tools for various HR tasks makes data compiling a tedious process. Cloud Human Resource Solution, therefore, fosters flexibility and scalability. It is a unified solution that reduces data compiling time and efforts. It can be integrated with tools best suited for an organization. Cloud based HR therefore, drives people performance and improves business outcomes.


Are you tired of maintaining different sheets to keep tab of your employees’ attendance?

Are you looking for a simple solution to keep track of your employees’ leave, attendance and check-in time from anywhere in the world?

Your search ends here! Presenting ZingHR’s Employee Leave Management System. A cloud-based flexible software, essential for companies looking to improve time management while increasing employee efficiency and productivity.

Now access real-time dashboards and capture leave, time and attendance easily in multiple ways. Enjoy freedom because of better control on Opex, through cloud computing.

ZingHR Employee Leave Management System is an online platform designed to help companies tackle problems pertaining to abrupt non-availability of employees due to various reasons, and ensure a smooth functioning of the business operations. Discover how you can simplify your leave management on the go and enhance employee productivity with ZingHR, today!

Employees can register their attendance/punch in from anywhere in the world while using the online platform. Work flexibly on the system to mark outdoors/work from home/extra time etc. This gives the HR Manager an instant, real-time view and status of employee availability, as well as a consolidated view of the attendance in the present month, also download reports to assess any employee’s attendance at any point in time. In addition to this, auto SMS alerts give the organization an overview of manpower availability on a daily basis.

The online leave management software empowers the modern workforce with the amazing flexibility to apply all their leaves from mobile. Set your company’s attendance right and minimize the risk of your productivity finally with ZingHR’s Leave Management Software.

Ensure higher efficiency and productivity of the organization with online employee management system. To conclude, ZingHR’s intuitive and friendly software system design can help you measure the time spent on creating business value along with solutions for every business challenge for employees, on mobile.

Features of the ZingHR Employee Leave Management System:

  • Integrated Resource Availability View
  • Flexibility in designing Leave Workflows
  • Online Leave Request Process
  • Multi-Mode Approval Processes enabled
  • Historical Data Availability with Audit Trails
  • Custom Holiday Calendar Policies
  • Best Practice Leave Builder Admin Configurator

Simplify the entire leave management experience with ZingHR’s online leave management software. Managing employee leaves has never been this easy!


A lot is usually expected from the human resource department of any company in recent times. As a matter of fact, the level at which employees succeed at their assigned tasks has a lot to do with how they are being managed. And employee management is the sole responsibility of the human resource department. To get this right, you must make sure you have the right Cloud HCM tools. It’s a whole new world out there as far as human resource is concerned.

This post will be helping you understand how today’s HR management tools has become essential in the success plan of any company.

The entire HR Package

There is still this group of people who believe that the main job of the HR department is just to recruit people to fill up vacant positions, which wrong. HR teams take on much more than that. They take up more responsibilities than you can imagine.

The job of any human resource manager are much broader than just to recruit people. This is why HR management softwares offer different modules encompassing HR solutions from hire-to-retire.

Easy Employee management

Employee management can present a bit of a challenge if not well handled. You must understand that employees most likely come from a different background; hence, they require varying management styles to get the best out of all of them.

With Cloud HCM systems like these, human capital management is easy and effortless. It allows the human resource department to do their job so efficiently.

Better Employee Satisfaction

Underestimating the power of employee satisfaction in any kind of corporate setting is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen. HR must take care of critical aspects like processing payroll on time, enabling attendance marking on mobile; and a key focus on the maintaining employee benefits.

Everything around us is evolving, and that includes the way people think. That is why companies are now adapting to these innovative ways of managing their human capital. This is exactly why some companies have outperformed their rivals; they have only ensured all hands are on deck. The adoption of Cloud HCM tools has now become a necessity. Guess what? It does not look like the trend is about to end anytime soon.


Improving employee productivity and fostering a culture of engagement among employees are key focus areas for organizations. Since it impacts and leads to achieving organizational objectives. Hence, the success of any company lies in the overall individual performance management.

The digital disruption & the ever evolving market demand has increased complexities in organizations. The functions of the HR department has, over the years, become increasingly significant to achieve organizational success. It is not just limited to finding the right employee, but to also nurture and retain the best talent in the organization.

In these competitive times, how can the HR head leverage technology to ensure maximum employee satisfaction and keep the employees engaged and driven?

This is where HR technology offers a clear benefit to organizations. The advantage that HR technology provides is effective tracking of employees’ performance and measuring their progress within the organization.

3 ways in which a performance management software can help track your company’s growth are:

Spotting The Weak Zones

Doing anything you can to help notice or spot employees’ weaknesses and strengths is something that will no doubt translate to overall success or improved productivity at the end of the day. But the big question is how can you get this done? While there are traditional ways of taking care of this, nevertheless, a more efficient way of handling this would be for you to take advantage of the performance management systems.

Analyze and understand the reports generated by the software and improve employees’ performance.

Access and Analyze Data

There is nothing as powerful as going through past data. Records taken in the past can help direct you on how to improve the performance of your employees. This would, however, be difficult when you try to pull this data from hard copied files. This is another area where the use of online performance management will prove to be very useful.

With the performance management system, all you need to do is click a button and the system pulls up data stored in its database, showing you all the performance of the selected employee. The system also suggests various steps to improve the performance of the employee.

Simplified Performance Management

The modern day performance management software simplifies the process, making it seem effortless. It is intuitive, completely user-friendly, and does not need any past knowledge to operate. It helps align the employees with the organizational objectives and keeps them driven.

Employee performance is key to the overall success of any organization. This is why many companies are now adopting the performance management software to analyze, understand employee strengths and weakness and maximize the efficiency of their workforce.


Shift to the smarter, new age, Cloud HCM solution. Read to know about the amazing advantages.

Read Part 1 of this article here.

Key benefits of the New Age Cloud HCM Solution are:

1. Reduced Investments & Cost Optimization:

Organizations no longer need to invest in acquiring a software application or an operating system with an environment or configuration to support the same. Nor is there a need to invest in infrastructure for servers, storage etc.
Due to cloud, everything is available on the web server. And cloud platforms are reasonably priced. Hence, they are helping businesses optimize costs and invest funds in their core competencies.

2. Ubiquitous:

Cloud HCM is omnipresent. Therefore, access Organizational Data, Employee Data, Masters, Records, Claims, Payslips etc., anytime, from any where in the world

3. Device Platform Independence:

Most of the websites and portals are now optimized for Mobile, or available as a Mobile App. Also, with concepts like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Cloud HCM solution brings device platform independence to the table. This is very important for every modern day organization. An HR Executive can access the data from the HCM Portal from the web as and when required, on any device.

4. Mobility:

Employees these days use hand held devices rather than the laptop or desktop as their jobs involve rigorous travel, meetings etc.,
They find it convenient to access the portals on their Smart Phones/tablet. Cloud HCM offers mobility because it is available on-the-go for employees and HR professionals.

5. Automating Employee Oriented Services:

On-site resources can mark attendance, apply for leaves, outdoors, regularization, claims etc., smoothly. Thanks to the Cloud Based HCM and Mobile Apps. They no longer have to visit the branch or nearest office location for these requests. In addition, the help desk can be configured to help them raise and track tickets on various issues.

6. Access as per authorization and smoother collaboration:

Employees don’t have to be at the office for their payslips, personal documents, tax documents, TDS formalities etc.
Since these documents are available on any device, at any time. They can access their account as per their grade and at the same time, use the system to collaborate with their colleagues in a much smoother way.

To conclude, these are a few of the many benefits that an efficient and effective cloud based HCM brings to the table. With its robust platform and amazingly simple, easy to use environment, ZingHR serves the purpose of a modern age cloud HCM software. It offers one stop solution for all your “Hire to Retire” employee life cycle management needs. Furthermore, features like Geo Tagging and Geo Fencing are empowering the modern workforce.


Driving and enhancing employee productivity is paramount to achieving the business objectives. For organizations across industries, the HR is seeking new ways to engage employees. An HRMS platform is at the forefront to drive this digitally.

Online Recruiting:

HR management software enables you to recruit from a large pool of talent online. It reaches out to a larger job seeking audience, and filters through your requirement. This lets you shortlist candidates with specific skill sets. Therefore, find the best fit for your organization and drastically reduce recruiting costs.

Self Service Portal:

Employees can enter, manage and update their own data. This ensures that the data is up to date and accurate. It reduces errors, saves time and enhances the ease of collaboration. Hence the organization is more integrated and informed.

Centralized Database:

Get instant access to complete employee related data from anywhere. The online HR management software hosts the database on cloud. It significantly saves time spent in looking for data for more productive tasks.

Attendance Manager:

This allows the employees to enter their attendance into the system. It enables employees to keeps track of their working hours and leave status. In addition, it helps to generate the employee payroll efficiently. As a result, the attendance manager is extremely reliable and essential for every organization.

Effective Appraisals:

HR management software allows for more constructive and effective feedback. Because of which, it helps set employee goals that bridge the gap between management and workforce. The softwares provide 360-degree assessments and analysis reports for employee performance, ensuring complete satisfaction in both sides, and consequently enhancing productivity directly.

Quick Claims:

Online HR software helps keep track of employee salaries and reimbursements, which, as a result allows for quick claims and settlement.

Technology-led Change:

As the modern workforce is extremely tech savvy, hence cloud based HRMS platform is enabling end-to-end employee lifecycle management on-the-go. HR softwares in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are boosting productivity and development across all sectors.

No Overload:

Since the HRMS platform is completely managed on the cloud, HR management softwares can store and process significant amount of data, leaving room for expansion and innovation.


Since its advent, Cloud Computing has been one of the hottest topics in the world of technology. ‘As a Service’ model has taken the market by storm. It is helping businesses around the world to cut down their IT costs by a significant margin.

Businesses around the world are looking for ways to save and optimize costs that are incurred under various heads. Organizations that are not in the world of IT, R&D etc., face a tough decision to invest in IT assets, since they need to have robust technological resources, platform and infrastructure in place. These are essential to build the right environment for employees across functions. They also need a common platform that encourages communication and collaboration. This brings in greater transparency within the organization, ease of use and much needed ‘mobility’.

Cloud computing models like ‘SaaS’, ‘PaaS’ and ‘IaaS’ are helping businesses to reduce their IT investments significantly. These models provide a subscription based option for the same set of solutions that cost as little as operational expenses. This means that an organization can do away with their capital expenses involved in computing resources and subscribe to the same solutions and enjoy the benefits on a nominal operational expense.

The other aspect that matters the most, is the human capital. If you can motivate, engage, collaborate, satisfy your employees and make it easier for them to access their information on-the-go, you can be assured that your employees will be able to focus on their work much better.

An effective Cloud HCM System helps HR Professionals and other stakeholders to manage complete HR related data and various HR processes, all the way through ‘Hire-to-Retire’ stages. Cloud HCM Systems enable the automation of various processes of Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll Processing, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Time Management, Shift Rostering, Learning Management, Performance Management.

Apart from these, it also offers an Employee Self Service portal to help employees with their personal information like Payslips, Tax Computation Documents, TDS Forms etc. It is an integral part of ERPs / Information Systems used across the industries and around the world. The ESS portal has the potential to drive employee engagement within the organization.

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