Geo Fencing Mark your attendance on the go

ZingHR’s Geo Fencing helps you monitor the attendance of your employees. It also helps you to know the punch in and punch out times while everyone is working from home.

HR Manager

I don’t know how I can keep track of the attendance of my employees. I am having a hard time.

You should look at ZingHR’s Geo Fencing?

HR Manager

Really? Can you tell me more
about it?

Well you can mark your attendance while you are working from home . Also, the punch in and punch out option is available on your mobile.

HR Manager

What else?

This helps you keep track of your employees and their work timings.
You don’t have to manually ask them to maintain timesheets as you can digitally see their punch in and out timings.

HR Manager

It really sounds good. I think I should give it a try.

You can give it a try by clicking the link

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