5 Reasons Why Talent Acquisition and Management Should be AI Driven


The future of business leading into the post-pandemic era depends on technologies that can redefine human resource management. The transition to new and agile business environments demands a certain level of competency in terms of transparent talent acquisition and management solutions.

ZingHR, an innovation-led enterprise, is committed to offer cloud-based HCM solutions that can help your organization enhance recruitment models and most importantly, elevate employee experiences.

According to All Things Talent:

1. 96% of HR professionals believe AI can transform talent acquisition

2. Industry experts claim that 100% of sourcing and screening candidates can be automated

3. 20% of relation management operations can be handled by AI

4. A mere 7% of HR leaders believe that their jobs can be replaced by AI

Therefore, considering the implications of AI and automation on talent management strategies, enterprises can boost employee engagement, source competent employees and effectively manage high attrition rates.

The impact of hybrid work environments during and after the pandemic has resulted in an evident rise of a distributed workforce. As a result, looking for the right candidate for the right job can be a challenge. Integrating AI-based models into your recruitment solutions can reduce the amount of human intervention on administrative tasks such as scrutinizing and screening employees.

Furthermore, AI-powered and automation tools can add an element of intelligence into your hiring process. Based on a recent report by IDEAL, 52% of talent acquisition leaders believe that finding the right resource for critical roles in the organization is the toughest part. Therefore, it’s important that your enterprise leverages technologies that offer real-time solutions from the get-go.

In terms of Talent Acquisition and Management, enterprises must invest in a robust and integrated strategy that provides crucial insights to employers, hiring professionals and even to candidates looking for the right opportunity.

Here are 5 reasons why Talent Acquisition and Management should be AI-driven.

Robust, Fast and Efficient Hiring Models

Hiring the right candidate is by far the most important aspect of an efficient recruitment model. From analysing core competencies to screening candidate applications, the future of HR is AI-driven. Furthermore, minimizing mundane administrative work in talent acquisition can help recruiters focus on tasks that are value-driven.

AI-driven chatbots can efficiently perform employment screening and candidate sourcing tasks, and offer real-time insights for recruiters to further streamline HR processes. Also, for internal communications, automation tools can boost employee engagement and inspire feedback that can be used to optimize collective performance.

With an interactive dashboard, ZingHR’s Captain Zingo offers a personalized user experience that can help your enterprise attract, retain and engage employees.

Training and Development

Retaining top performing employees depends a lot on in-house training and development strategies. Traditional business models relied on circulating physical training material to get employees on board. However, this results in a lot of paperwork, which isn’t ideal for an aspiring digital-ready enterprise.

On the contrary, integrating AI-driven solutions into independent HR models can help organizations curate learning management systems (LMS) for their employees, which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, but most importantly, based on individual preferences. Therefore, investing in cloud-based HCM solutions can result in efficient talent acquisition strategies, facilitating a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Digital Onboarding – The New Norm?

Onboarding as a process is a complex system that includes individuals, departments, and guidelines within any given organization. Onboarding is one process in the field of recruitment that involves a lot of documentation. Maintaining employee records along with physical data management is time-consuming and eventually leads to more paperwork.

On the other hand, implementing AI-driven tools into your HR process can significantly reduce the amount of human intervention on tasks that can be automated for best results. AI-based HR solutions can help employees better understand business processes and even upload relevant documents with ease.

ZingHR’s Digital Onboarding solutions is certain to help your enterprise:

1. Offer a paperless onboarding experience

2. Enable seamless employee onboarding

3. Provide a convenient and secure onboarding experience

4. Reduce candidate dropouts

Redefining the Interview Process

Artificial intelligence in an interview process is certain to change the course of employee experience. AI in human resources can assist in shortlisting applications, sourcing the right candidates and screening job applications based on organizational requirements. In the case of an AI-powered chatbot, once the applications are listed, the chatbot can help in scheduling interviews, which makes the process even more transparent.

On the bright side, there are certain AI solutions that can help you schedule virtual interviews at the later stages of the process through technologies such as face recognition. By conducting robotic interviews, you will be in a position to analyse candidates based on their voice, choice of words, mannerisms, and facial expressions.

Optimize Employee Experience

Just like onboarding, AI in HR can improve the employee experience. From digital screening to offering customized learning solutions, the future of AI in human resources is an immense possibility.

For example, if an employee has queries regarding the HR process, he/she can access virtual AI platforms and get their questions answered. This results in better relationships through tools that can provide real-time solutions. Ensuring a great employee experience, especially during the onboarding stage is a huge advantage as it creates a solid foundation for both the employee and the organization.

According to a recent study by CareerBuilder and PEOPLEHUM, a whopping 58% of candidates are most likely to have a negative outlook on organizations that don’t provide a smooth transition into core business functions. Therefore, if you are an enterprise looking to transform HR operations and leverage the future of work, AI is your one-stop solution!

ZingHR, a Gartner recognized global HR tech enterprise, is fuelled by the optimism and sheer determination to offer cloud-based HCM solutions that are future-ready. From digitally enhancing the new hire experience to providing a diverse range of performance management models, we provide AI-powered HR services based on your core business requirements. Come, join us in transforming the future of HR by leveraging the potential of AI. Click here to request a demo or contact us on info@zinghr.com.

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