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Marhaba Middle East

As an Emerging Technology leader in
HR Tech and HRMS

ZingHR is now helping enterprises in the middle east to build, operate and function key organizational outcomes through innovative HRTech.

The diversity of the Arab world makes it suitable for economic and cultural exploration of the opportunities available to Enterprises at various level. We have crafted simplified solutions and outcomes backed with the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning that combines various HR Tech functions of Human Resources Management System for Intelligent Business Management in Middle East.

HR and payroll integration for improved efficiency, growth, and employee empowerment in Middle East

Fueling HRMS and Future Of Work now with world class emerging technologies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, JeddahCairoRiyadhDohaAmmanMeccaMuscatKuwait CitySharjahDamascus.,buraidahdammammedina and sultanah

Customized HRMS Solution Designed to the Actual Needs of The Enterprise

  • Understanding Ground Zero Perspectives & Problems
  • Business Centric Approach
  • Innovation Led Product

All-in-one agile HR solutions for Smart Enterprises

We work with global enterprises and growth bound organizations who believe that a well-designed HRMS fuels better outcomes and growth.



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Width + Depth + Future Ready

Outcome Focused HR Software

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