Top 6 Benefits Of Using An Online Leave Management System


Over the years, as technology developed, managing employee attendance got easier. Leave application processing and clocking in employee working hours is now completely automated. Also, the data is available 24×7 for real-time access and enables quick payroll processing. So, enhance your employee productivity with the Online Leave Management System.

Top 6 reasons why new age workforce needs the Online Leave Management System:

1. No data loss:

Accidents are unavoidable. Be it physical records or digital offline records, both are not immune to hazards. There are always chances of hardware failures or crashes and that could mean a significant loss of time and revenue. With online leave management software, your data is always secure in the cloud. Even if all your devices are destroyed, you can still access the data again using any computer.

2. Accessibility and multiple approval process:

Online leave management software lets you access employee attendance records from any where. As a result, managers will get leave approval requests through web, mobile and email. This keeps them notified and in the know even when they are out of office/city. Employees can as much as their leave approval status, track holiday accrual, leave history, etc.

3. Real-time information:

The platform empowers managers/supervisors and the HR team to make quick decisions because of the real-time resource availability information. The biometric data offers a complete view of employees at work, for that day. This, therefore helps make resource allocation for projects on a short deadline, easier.

4. Vacation management:

Choose the smartest way to manage holidays and vacations. The leave management platform helps you to create custom holiday plans and policies. Furthermore, employees get to check for leave balances and pre-define holidays. This increases transparency, also helps with better decision making. Additionally, holiday lists for organizations and all their locations are set by ZingHR.

5. Audits made easy:

Access a detailed history of sanctioned leaves, and approval status. All the leave records are captured in the system and are available to the audit team, as and when required.

6. Admin Operation:

Due to an easy to configure leave management software, the admin can complete operations real quick. Admin can add/delete users and allocate projects accordingly. This comprehensive software offers visual GUI and on click operations. Get the best in class support and flexibility.
A robust online leave management system is critical for achieving business outcomes. ZingHR’s world class software and servers ensure ease of functionality. 24×7 support for your queries help troubleshoot problems quickly and improve your performance.
ZingHR offers amazing packages as per to your organizations’ requirements. ZingHR has designed these solutions keeping in mind the industry size and challenges. In addition, our competitive pricing model ensures that you get the most out of the platform.
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