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Employee HR Software

Employee HR software is designed to help the employees reduce their manual activity to handle data and maintain it more effectively with the use of an employee management system. With the advent of HR software, the employees have become able to perform to their full potential and have become much more advanced. The use of such a system helps in enhancing the sales and productivity of the business that ultimately leads to an increase in customer and employee satisfaction levels.

Zing HR’s Efficient Employee HR Software Solution Saves Time

Every employee has an employee self-service portal that can be accessed with the help of individual login credentials. This is a great time saver for you because the employees will no longer be dependent on you and will be able to do the HR and payroll tasks more on their own.

Zinghr has got the best and most professional workforce management software for your company that helps you to focus more on the growth and promotion of your business. Under employee self-service, the software decides what tasks the employees can perform and to what extent. The main aim of our services is to make your work hassle-free and automatic as much as possible.

Benefits of Zing HR

  • The primary benefit that the software offers is that employees can have a look at their payroll information and get it in printed format.
  • In the case of direct deposits, the employees can update their bank account information on the employee self-service portal so that it becomes easy for them to receive their pay.
  • Our HR software resolves the issue of tracking employee hours. The use of digital time cards helps the employees to enter the number of hours they have worked or to punch the time the moment they step in for work.
  • Apart from this, the time for vacation or sick leave can also be entered into the software to keep a record of the days you have been off.
  • An employee self-service helps you share the information or notices with ease. This may include an employee handbook, new policies, benefits forms, and a lot more.

Once the software is in use, you can distribute the login information to the employees and can share the documents with everyone to ensure that everyone is aware of the tasks that they need to perform. Try to explain to them in detail how the software can be used to maximize their profit and reduce manual activities. Contact us today and get in touch with our team to let us know more about your requirements.

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