Find the Right Balance in a Hyper-Digital World: Tech vs Touch

Digital transformation refers to the operational, cultural, and organizational change driven by innovative technologies within an industry or ecosystem. It is a smart integration of technology for businesses across different levels.  

But how can leaders, managers, and organizations embrace innovation and change essential for growth & success without compromising on people skills (Touch) and technology (Tech)?  

Changes in the present and future 

The present and future shifts are bringing necessary changes that are allowing the deployment of digital transformation across different industries. However, it does allow the need to meet customer expectations and behaviors.  

Customer experience and optimization are extremely crucial. With the coming in of digital transformation, businesses are working on enhancing innovation and operational flexibility that will supposedly help to maintain the balance between tech and touch. Furthermore, it is also allowing the development of more advanced and new revenue sources. Digital change can however be the key to solving the various challenges of businesses.  

How is the balance being maintained? 

The tech and touch is a very new concept where it is common to be distracted. However, it is necessary to implement the right practices. Businesses that work on balancing the tech and touch business need to understand their SaaS model.  

Here are all the practices that businesses must implement to ensure a proper balance of tech and touch in their ecosystem: 

  • Employees must be familiar with the content that is created. It could include important points such as frequently asked questions and more. Furthermore, employees must be given proper training and accreditations for the particular role. This will play an important role in saving time against customer success.  
  • To ensure tech and touch is being implemented in the business successfully, customer review is crucial. Therefore, a customer satisfaction survey can help to get the customer feedback. It will also help to understand what pleases and what irritates the customer the most.  
  • Automating communication may help to connect with customers in a better way. Businesses should send small reminder mails to ensure they meet the customer goals. Basic functions can be automated to reduce the manual efforts.  
  • Another thing that can be automated through tech is sending monthly newsletters and emails. It can include updates, best practices that will keep the interaction constant with customers.  

Benefits of maintaining a balance between tech and touch 

Tech and touch balance helps to bring about customer success that will play an important role in adding value for businesses. It will help to meet customer satisfaction goals and ensure growth in business. Some of the common benefits of maintaining the tech and touch balance include the following: 

  • It helps to manage customer success timeline in an efficient manner.  
  • Tech and touch balance helps to facilitate communication across business.  
  • Tech and touch help to ensure growth of organization.  
  • Maintaining a balance between tech and touch will help to meet customer satisfaction goals.  

It is necessary that businesses implement a strong tech and touch strategy to meet customer satisfaction goals. Value needs to be added to the relationship. Data collection can be one of the best ways to understand how to bring balance and initiate the communication scale to meet customer demands.