7 Features Your Cloud Based HR Management Software Must Have


Choosing the right HRMS platform is of utmost importance for competitive organizations. It plays a crucial role in automating HR processes, thus ensuring smoother work flow. It must allow the HR/Managers to access workplace and performance insights. ZingHR, lists the key features that an HR Management Software must have –

1) Time and Attendance Management

This feature helps businesses understand the workforce availability real-time. The total time spent by an employee on a given task/project can be effortlessly calculated with T&A module. This also assists in recording absenteeism, and accurate payroll processing.

2) Payroll

Process payroll faster while maintaining high accuracy. Process complex payrolls by synchronizing employee data with payroll details. Hence ensuring error-free timely payments and statutory compliance.

3) Recruitment

The software for HR Management simplifies the traditionally lengthy recruitment process. The modern HR needs a faster and futuristic recruitment process on a low cost. Hence, opt for features like manpower planning, multi-channel sourcing, interview scheduling etc.

4) Self – Service Portal

The self service portal lets employees edit/update their personal information. This facilitates quick updates and ensures information accuracy. Employees can view and download their payslips, employee handbook etc.
Important documents can be uploaded/accessed by the HR Manager and the employee. Therefore, employees no longer have to wait for HR to make changes to their personal data.

5) Claims & Re-Imbursements

Streamline mobile, travel and expense claims with this feature. Since the HR software can configure claims as per the company policy and the employee levels. Furthermore, this way, the company can validate employee efforts and claims.

6) Leave Management

It is one of most essential features of a good HR Management Software. Gone are the days when you had to go through email leave requests to keep track of employee leaves.
It is especially relevant for the HR Manager, who now gets a real-time view of the employees at work. It enables easy resource allocation of tasks/projects. In addition he/she can easily customize holiday calendars for different countries, leave policies, regularizations, etc.
Moreover, an employee can log in to the software at any time to view their leave status, historical data and apply leaves.

7) Employee Creation and Database Management

Use the manual and automated pre-hire data capture functionality. Complete the employee creation process in less than 10 minutes. The recruiter has to as enter in quick fields to welcome the new employee onboard smoothly.
To summarize, the right HR Management Software can increase transparency and improve your bottom line. As a result, a feature-rich web based HR Software is essential for the workforce of today.

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