HR Technology – a boon for Hybrid Workforces 


Today, most organizations are supporting flexible work schedules for their employees. While certain core teams must be physically present in the office, most other departments have settled for remote working arrangements. This mixed work model can make it very complicated for HR professionals to maintain a uniform code of conduct. HR Technology specifically designed to support hybrid workforces can thus be a boon for organizations struggling to navigate these complexities.  

1. Performance Management Module/OKRs 

Planning, monitoring, developing, reviewing, offering feedback, and rewarding are essential functions of any HRMS Software. This two-way dialogue is extremely essential to ensure retention of talent, because when an employee is ‘heard’, he/she feels valued. With hybrid work environments, Performance Management Modules and OKRs have gained even more significance. While the former enables all the functions mentioned earlier, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) are an effective goal-setting and leadership tool. They assist managers in conveying expectations and milestones of achievements required for each role. These platforms enable managers to monitor progress, provide support, and recognize achievements regardless of where employees are working. 

2. Employee Engagement Tools 

The factors being considered to enhance employee engagement in a hybrid work landscape are transparency, constant feedback, designing engaging activities, celebrating employee victories, employee connect, fostering collaborations, focussing on everyday employee experience, and strengthening the atmosphere of trust.  

ZingHR’s survey module uses various tools and methods such as Pulse, Employee Sentiments, and Engagement Tools, helping employees feel motivated, and thereby own a higher happiness quotient. Available on App, SMS and email, it adds convenience and ease. An employee can take the survey anywhere, anytime. With ZingHR’s new Recurring survey feature, while creating a survey, the admin can now select various survey frequencies, based on which the survey will reoccur on that designated day.  

3. Learning Management System 

Every employee looks forward to adding value to oneself. Learning & Development based on HR technology has emerged as an indispensable tool in every organization. This system enables tracking employee progress and performance in training programs to ensure all employees, regardless of location, receive the development they need to succeed.  

4. Virtual Onboarding Tools 

These facilitate a seamless integration of new hires into the company culture and teams, regardless of their physical location. Options to upload the HR Handbook, and Resources within the HR Tech Product on the HR portal itself not only add convenience but also ensure timely deliverables.  

ZingHR’s Onboarding Mobile App can ensure a smooth and satisfying onboarding process for your new recruits.  

By employing all the tools mentioned, organizations can create a harmonious and productive work environment that supports both remote and in-office workforces. 

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