Lessons HR Learned From Lockdown


This lockdown has taught all the departments a lesson that should be followed post lockdown to make sure that business continues to flourish. HR is one of those departments that must adapt and learn lessons from Lockdown.

Improvement In The Recruitment Process

There should be changes in the recruitment process. As the world is moving towards digital transformation, recruitment can also get digital. Video interviews, Robotic interviews and online tests are some of the things that can be done.

Flexible and Convenient Schedules

Make sure that the schedules you make for your employees are flexible and convenient. Proper division of people working from home and people coming to the workspace should be done so the business continues to operate.

A Culture Based on Trust

There should be a culture and atmosphere of trust in your workspace. Employees should feel valued and this should be done from both the sides to promote trust and productivity.

Training Of The Employees

There should be proper training of the employees especially when it comes to technology. Technological advancement has made sure people should have some knowledge of it and employees should be trained accordingly.

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