ZingHR Online HR – Platform Security


ZingHR is an HR solution that was created to automate payroll and human resource tasks. It can cater to almost every need a company may need. This software can work on the web, desktops, and mobile. It has more than one language where you can select the best one you can use. Below are security features that you can get from this HR Software Solution.

Endpoint Security

These solutions run on an application firewall called Barracuda WAF. This firewall can offer security features that will protect the system from any attack. The ZingHR runs on virtual servers. These virtual servers are created and then separated from each other. This framework or structure is the one that helps in dealing with the blockage of access to the software. 

If an authorized user tries to access the software, his access will be granted. But if an unauthorized user tries to access the application, he is blocked. The virtual services do these by determining the request source and which port or protocol is used in the communication.

Application Logging

ZingHR can capture the logging information of the user of the system. The application logging information is not accessible to anyone. Only the IT personnel or the team can have access to it. The system is integrated with the biometric system. It would be hard for anyone to access the logs information unless authorized within the system to do so.

Security Incidents

The system can capture any security incident and raise an alert. It has an incident management feature that is designed to manage security incidents by raising an alert. Apart from this tool, an incident can be reported by the system user to the relevant person to take action. This reporting can be done using any mode of communication but also, through the self-service section of this hr solution, you can raise any issue to the relevant personnel.

Once an event is identified, it is monitored automatically using the system or solving it before it negatively impacts the software or the users.

Securing Information

The system can secure all the data residing in it. First, the servers where this hr information system is hosted use SSL certificates that ensure security to every transaction done within the system. It also encrypts the data that resides in its database. All-access to the software data is restricted per the hosted server security policies. When the user tries to communicate with the servers, the data is also secured between the transits. The data is encrypted while on transition, and when it reaches the receiver, the decryption mechanism is done to decrypt the information.

Password Policy

In terms of password policy, some policies are checked on the password the user uses before logging in and using the system. It has a CAPTCHA mechanism to prevent any form of attack from the client-side. Different mechanisms run on the backend to make sure the logins that one uses are appropriate.

If a user logs in to the system with the wrong password five times, the system will block you from accessing it. Also, if you become inactive for 90 days, then the system will block you.

The only person you can then assist you with is the admin of the system. Other policies that are observed are the minimum and maximum number your password can have. It should have at least one digit, a character, and many others.

Viruses And Spyware

The system is a guide against viruses and spyware. Any attack can be detected and removed before it causes any harm to the system.

In summary, the above are a few security features that have been put in place to ensure the software is secure. This HR information system has advanced security features on its platform. Many kinds of security issues have been taken care of, and you can use the system without worrying much about the security feature. When you opt to use this system, then the security of your employers, customer, data, and many others is considered.