Transform People Performance with Cloud Human Resource Solution


Businesses are evolving every second. With the advancements in technology, the role of HR is, as a result, undergoing a radical change. Cloud Human Resource Solution is enabling HR to be a Business Partner.
In 2017, close to 40% of the 300+ companies surveyed by PwC have moved their core applications to the cloud. One-third of the rest are currently planning their migration. Among on-premise core HR application users, as much as one-third are to adopt cloud in the next 12–18 months. Especially relevant top motivating factors: Software innovation, quick releases (70%), less IT dependency (50%). [Source: PwC HR Technology Survey, August 2017].
The new age HR is prioritizing efficiency in processes. This, consequently helps drive business outcomes. HR has to embrace tech to enhance employee productivity and drive high performance. Irrespective of the organization size, Cloud Human Resource Solution can transform people performance.
Organizations opt for cloud based HR systems because it helps bridge the process efficiency gap. Therefore, there is a direct link between cloud implementation and the use of self-service tools. The surveyed companies reported as much as 52% increase in employee usage, and 47% increase in managers using self-service tools – PwC.
There are no restraints in terms of – data, technology, resources or time. Hence, Cloud Human Resource Solution has made it easier for companies to be more efficient.

4 key benefits of ZingHR’s Cloud Human Resource Solution for businesses:

1. Increased Efficiency:
While talent competitiveness increases, HR services need to be more effective and instantaneous. Advanced HR technology can drive talent acquisition, digital engagement, training, retention etc. effectively. Increased efficiency, furthermore, pushes organizations to scale up. It prepares organizations for challenges.
2. Employee Engagement and Collaboration:
The digital world has made collaboration and communication easier and faster for employees. Positive environment and high employee satisfaction is important for high workplace productivity. Features like collaboration tools (chats, workplace social) lets employees work on the move. The self service portal lets employees update their data, apply for leaves and do a lot more. Hence, the entire solution simplified, and in one place, helps to keep the workforce engaged.
3. Critical Decisions made with ease:
Managers have to make critical decisions with a strong focus on the long term business goals. The HR cloud software provides a holistic view of the workforce on a single platform. Therefore, managers and business owners get real-time insights to take the right decisions. Cloud based HR systems present the analysis in the form of dashboards, reports and charts.
4. Fosters flexibility and scalability:
Using multiple tools for various HR tasks makes data compiling a tedious process. Cloud Human Resource Solution, therefore, fosters flexibility and scalability. It is a unified solution that reduces data compiling time and efforts. It can be integrated with tools best suited for an organization. Cloud based HR therefore, drives people performance and improves business outcomes.